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World of work

Speakers for Schools: Careers guidance, classroom resources, extra-curricular and student competitions, there’s something for everyone here.

Job Centre Plus: World of Work – Hear from a Youth Work Coach on the support you can get, access to jobs, training and funding.

GMACS: What is GMACS and How Can it Help You – Hear about the new GMACS website, which is helping young people to explore their options, courses, apprenticeships and meet employers.

Introducing the world of Health and Social Care. Understand and discover the range of opportunities available in health and social care


My Apprenticeship Journey at the Council – Hear from Justice, an apprentice at Salford City Council.

Salford Business School: work placement. Halfway through their one-year work placement, these students from different subject areas meet to talk about how they are getting on and what they have learned so far during their year in industry.

Construction/ engineering/ grounds maintenance


Go Construct: Videos and resources for young people interested in the many different roles within the construction industry.

Keepmoat Homes: What is Construction? – Learn about the different sectors in the industry.

Build Salford: Construction Traineeship – Understand what Build Salford is and how it can help you get into construction.

Salford City College: Construction at College – Look at what City Skills, part of Salford City College, can offer you.

Keepmoat Homes: Roles in Construction – Learn about the variety of roles in construction from brickwork and painting to architecture and surveying. 

Galliford Try: Galliford Try Site Tour – Take a tour of the Galliford Try construction site.

Seddon: Construction Apprentices – Hear from current construction apprentices about what it’s like being on site.

Seddon: Heritage of Seddon – Learn about the heritage of Seddon.

Emanuel Whittaker: Construction Opportunities – Hear about joinery and refurbishment work and opportunities. Visit the Emanuel Whittaker website for current opportunities.  

Willmott Dixon: Learn About Careers in Construction – Hear management trainees talk about their jobs in Willmott Dixon, how they got into the construction industry and what it’s really like! To find out more about our trainee scheme visit the Willmott Dixon website.

Keepmoat: Career Journey – Hear from Keepmoat homes and their trainee assistant site manager. 

Casey Group: Careers at Casey – Hear about the construction work that Casey do.

For more information on opportunities within Casey, email John Walmsley via:

Access training academies: What qualifications do you need to be a plumber?

Heating and plumbing: roles in the army. Become a trained plumber and qualified Gas Engineer through the British Army.

Women in plumbing: An interview with Amber.

Muse Developments:


Raytheon UK Quadcopter Challenge - Meet our STEM Ambassadors. Almost everything we use in daily life has been engineered. Watch and see what electronic engineering all is about….

Grounds work

Greenkeeper / golf course manager: A greenkeeper or golf course manager maintains a designed landscape that includes different terrains. It includes managing staff who are responsible for different areas of the landscape’s upkeep.

Grounds maintenance worker: A grounds maintenance worker cares for, and looks after, small to large areas of plants and grassed areas often associated with sport and public land use


Mechanical Engineering: Follow current student Corin around campus to find out what it is like to be a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Salford.

Choosing a mechanical engineering degree can open up exciting career opportunities designing, commissioning and maintaining the systems of the future. Find out from Corin what it’s like to study BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering.



Check out “Danny Jones at Thornleigh Salesian College” from Speakers for Schools on Vimeo.


Check out “Fran Unsworth at Greenford High School” from Speakers for Schools on Vimeo.

A garden writer produces gardening-related content across multiple platforms including social media, film, radio and print in order to reach a monthly target audience.


Ethan shares his experience studying Media Production at Salford City College and he shares his tips on how to choose your subject.

Into Film (media) – clubs and activities: Into Film puts film at the heart of children and young people’s educational, cultural and personal development, offering hundreds of free, curriculum-linked resources to provide 5-19 year olds with inspiring opportunities to learn about and with film, and develop a passion for cinema.

Waheed Arshad gives an insight into his career as a Botanical data specialist. The work ranges from extracting, importing and exporting plant, pest and disease data for various database applications, to working closely with clients and software users to ensure the data is accurate and accessible. It also involves researching data sources to verify the validity of botanical information.

Garden editors create and implement a strategy for an organisation’s online and print content, including articles, videos and social media posts. They often manage a team of writers and editors as well as writing and editing themselves.

Social media plant stylist and advisor: Using the social media platforms, a plant stylist promotes different ways in which houseplants can be styled as home decor. An expert stylist may also offer advice on common plant problems and provide followers with personalised advice for specific issues.

Social media content creator: Blogging and vlogging are increasingly popular with people posting on Instagram, YouTube and websites.


Garden designers design the layout and features of outdoor spaces – construction details, planting plans and regular maintenance are often part of the process. Watch a video about a garden designer.


Plant and garden photographer: A range of photography is needed for scientific publications, magazines, books and websites. Watch what it means to be a plant photographer.

Health and social care


Hands on activities, discussions, videos and presentations – lots of resources for sessions with young people, students and families can be found on the Royal College of Pathologists website.

What is a pathologist?
The College has produced a number of career packs to download. The packs include links to online video interviews and careers profiles, photographs, video files and careers information literature.

  • Cellular pathology – cellular pathologists diagnose disease, such as cancer, and inflammatory conditions, for example, Crohn’s disease, and use molecular tests to help guide treatment.
  • Haematology – haematologists are involved in the diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with blood disorders such as leukaemia or anaemia.
  • Chemical pathology – chemical pathologists study bodily fluids. They test blood, urine and saliva, which allows them to monitor patients’ health and advise on everything from managing diabetes to monitoring bone density.
  • Medical microbiology – microbiologists give advice on the best samples to collect to diagnose an infection; for example, a blood, urine or faeces test. They then work with scientists in the laboratory to discover what’s causing the infection and advise on treatment.
  • Veterinary pathology – veterinary pathologists diagnose, treat and prevent diseases in pets and farm animals, as well as in rare and exotic species. Just like pathologists who work in human healthcare, they work with samples from live animals. Some also perform post mortems.

Dr Lizzie Burns, a scientist-turned-artist, along with the Royal college of Pathologists, have created some new downloadable resources all about the heart and heart health.

Occupational Therapy

These Occupational Therapists tell us why they love the profession, watch and let them inspire you:

Health and Social Care Pathways

Salford Employ

Health and Social Care Careers and Opportunities – Discover all about the wide range of roles within this rewarding sector. Start your Health and Social Care career today. For further information on Health and Social Care Opportunities, email

My Week of Work

Introducing the world of Health and Social Care. Understand and discover the range of opportunities available in health and social care

How to become an emergency medical technician

Meet Ray, who works alongside paramedics on emergency call-outs. See Ray's story

Find out about roles in the NHS

There's a list of resources, documents and useful links to websites and organisations which can help you find out about roles in the NHS and plan your career path.

NHS Apprenticeships 

Hear from a range of apprentices in different areas of the NHS.

Meet the employer

There’s much more to a career in health than being a doctor or nurse. Find out about the exciting and fulfilling roles of 150,000 Allied Health Professionals that make up a third of the NHS workforce. The WOW Show takes you behind the scenes to meet some of the inspirational people who are making a real difference to people’s lives. See it on the WOW Show website.

Public services

Fire Service

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue: My Apprenticeship Journey as a Firefighter – Hear from Devon, an apprentice Firefighter, talking about her career journey.


Hear from a Criminology student about her course highlights so far and the transformational social and professional opportunities you can get involved in. Discover more about BA (Hons) Criminology course at the University of Salford.


Application guidance – Interested in joining the police? Take the time to read this useful guide before completing an application.

Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force - A brief and exciting insight into the Royal Air Force, its roles, aircraft and personnel.

Apprenticeships – Learn about the range of Apprenticeship opportunities in the RAF.

Myth Busting – We got some of our personnel to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about life in the Royal Air Force.



An agronomist is an expert in the science of soil management, integrated pest management and crop production. Hear from Rosie, who gives advice on all aspects of growing including nutrition, pests and diseases, general guidance and husbandry matters.


A scientist who studies plants. Learn more about botanists.


An ecologist is a scientist who studies the interrelationships between organisms such as animals and plants and their environments.

Plant health scientist

A plant health scientist looks at potential plant pests and diseases that pose a threat to the UK’s plant health, be that agricultural, horticultural or the wider environment. Find out more about being a plant health scientist.

Plant research and development manager

Testing and developing new products for a company, such as plant protection products or digital solutions for horticulture, to improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Learn more about plant research and development.

Plant scientist

A plant scientist carries out scientific experiments on plants, generally to evaluate plant traits such as appearance, yield and hardiness. Julia is a scent hunter. They scientifically analyse the scents surrounding plants and use this information to create scents that smell like living flowers, roots, shoots or even entire landscapes.

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