Need help looking for a particular route into your chosen career? We have a large number of video links to inspiring videos to provide you with more information.

Career journeys

Some of the GM Higher staff Higher Education journeys:

Phil Wilson – Enterprise Advisor. Careers advice for year 11 pupils.

Sarah Scanlan – Salford City Council, Skills and Work team.

My Apprenticeship Journey at the Council – Hear from Justice, an apprentice at Salford City Council.

Customer service at AJ Bell by Heena.

Business Intelligence Manager at AJ Bell by Dale.

Construction – Hear from Keepmoat homes and their trainee assistant site manager. 

Study programmes

The Growth Company: All about study programmes – Learn what about what a study programme is and how it can help you secure an apprenticeship or job.    


Foundation 92: All about traineeships –  Hear from a local traineeship provider on how a traineeship can be the first step towards securing an apprenticeship.

Traineeships activity pack: In collaboration with the Department for Education, Amazing Apprenticeships has created a new interactive Traineeship Pack for students. The resource takes students through 13 fun and engaging tasks to discover the benefits of traineeships. You can download the Activity Pack here.

Traineeships: Why they work with Salford City Council.


GM Higher: Are you thinking about applying for an apprenticeship? Here are some of the key facts about what apprenticeships involve.

GM Higher: Is your child considering an apprenticeship? Here are some of the key facts! 

Salford City College: All about apprenticeships - A local training provider talks about what an apprenticeship is, what jobs you can do them in and how to apply for local opportunities.          

Connexions: Manage your money as an apprentice – Hear from a local apprentice on how they manage living off the apprenticeship wage.                 

GMACS: What is an apprenticeship with GMACS – Hear from the National Apprenticeship Service on the benefits of an apprenticeship and how to secure one.   

GMACS: The apprenticeship journey – The three stages of an apprenticeship and what to expect in each of them.

GMACS: Money, apprenticeships and you –  Hear from apprentices who will talk about how much they get paid, their lifestyle and how they manage their money.     

GMACS: Choosing an apprenticeship, where will the jobs be? – Learn about the fastest growing sectors in Greater Manchester and where future jobs are likely to be.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue: My apprenticeship journey as a firefighter – Hear from Devon, an apprentice Firefighter, talking about her career journey.

Salford City Council: My apprenticeship journey at the council – Hear from Justice, an apprentice at Salford City Council.

Apprenticeships at AJ Bell: Over the course of the programme, these graduates have developed their skills and confidence, and also gained invaluable experience as a result of their exposure to different areas of the business.

How to apply for apprenticeships: An overview of how to apply for an apprenticeship with the National Apprenticeship Service.

What is an apprenticeship: An overview of what an apprenticeship is, the different levels available, job roles, employers who recruit apprentices and how you go about applying for one.

Salford City College: Why Casey has employed apprentices with Salford City College?

Salford City College: Why Kellogg’s has employed apprentices with Salford City College?

Fire up your career with an apprenticeship at Salford City College.

Myth busting - Trafford Council debunk five apprenticeship myths.

Five myths about apprenticeships – EDF have debunked five myths to help you separate fact from fiction.

T Levels

Find a T Level by postcode

The T Levels student site features a helpful postcode finder to help students to find a T Level near them. The results show the colleges and schools who deliver T Levels and how far they are from you. You can also filter results by course area, for example 'Health', 'Education and Childcare' or 'Science'.


Top tips for preparing for college and being college ready

Info about looking after your well-being in 2021

Helping your child with their wellbeing

Ethan shares his experience studying Media Production at Salford City College and he shares his tips on how to choose your subject.

School to college

Salford City College: What can I study at college? – Salford City College discuss the range of courses on offer from A levels to animal care and digital.   

Worsley College: Alternative college programmes – The Prince’s Trust Team Programme, designed to build your confidence and support you into education, employment or training.

Eccles College: College for those with additional needs and support – Hear about the range of skills for life programmes for those with special educational needs.   

Higher Education

Students studying at universities and higher education institutions across Greater Manchester have provided videos about their experiences, giving advice and tips.

GM Higher: What is Higher Education? – Learn all about what higher education is.

GMCA: Higher and degree level apprenticeships – Find out about everything involved in doing a higher level apprenticeship. Hear from the University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University about how you can get qualified at level 4 or above while you work.

GM Higher: Post-16 options – Hear about post-16 options (A-levels, BTECs, apprenticeships, T-levels) and considerations when making these choices and how these impact on future options.

Personal statements

The personal statement is the one chance a student has to show passion for their subject area to universities. Our presentation provides students with a step-by-step guide to structuring a personal statement that makes an impact, including hints and tips for what to include - and what to avoid!

Student finance

This presentation offers an overview of 2019 to 2020 student finance. It is a quick tour of tuition fees, maintenance loans, bursaries, scholarships and loan repayments. It also has some helpful advice on budgeting and tips on how to earn extra money as a student.

University of Salford

Keeping your options open: We speak to many students who don't know what to study at University with the A Levels or BTECs that they have. This presentation will aid students in the decision making process and advise them on the many different options that Salford has to offer. We explain that different courses can lead to a multitude of jobs and we aim to inspire students to make the right choices for them.

Higher Education at the University of Salford

This presentation is a whistle stop introduction to higher education and is suitable for students considering progressing on to university after their current studies, mature students thinking of returning to education or changing their career, and also for parents/supporters who want to find out more.

Why Salford?

This presentation covers more detailed information about the University of Salford and why students should consider applying for a place to study here with us. It starts by exploring the location of the university, transport links and what the Salford and Manchester areas have to offer. The presentation then takes a virtual tour of campus and looks in more detail at what many of the different academic departments can offer potential students. The last section shows a quick whistle-stop virtual tour of the campus accommodation and what facilities the university has to offer its students.

Media at Salford

This presentation offers more details about our School of Arts and Media, the types of courses available, facilities and student case studies.

Study skills

This study skills presentation will help students to develop learning strategies to boost revision and to provide essential preparation for exams. In this session students will be introduced to the VARK model that will help them to determine what style of learning they prefer out of the four main categories: visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinaesthetic. This session will also highlight different revision tips and techniques in association with these unique learning styles, in order to better prepare students for independent study. In the final part of this presentation students will be given practical methods to enable them to better cope with the demands of exam preparation, stress and anxiety during the exam period.

Degree apprenticeships

This presentation provides and overview of how a degree apprenticeship is structured, delivered and assessed along with the benefits compared to a traditional degree. Examples of degree apprenticeships currently offered at the University of Salford are given along with entry requirements and information on how to apply.

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