Work experience and traineeship case studies

The following provides a series of first-hand accounts of local people and employers involved in Salford Futures.

The video includes a range of residents who have completed work experience placements in Salford City Council to help develop their confidence, skills and overall workplace experience.

It also includes employers who have been able to recruit from those who completed their work experience. 

The following is a selection of quotes and case studies taken from managers involved in hosting work experience placements:

"The Electoral Services Team have utilised Salford Futures placements for a number of years and we have found the scheme to be a very rewarding two way process. The Team has been able to secure additional support during periods of high workload whilst at the same time being able to offer placements beneficial work experience, support and guidance.”

“The quality of the placements we have received has been high with a high level of commitment and enthusiasm. In response to this we support placements in learning new skills, working in a team environment and provide advice and support on job applications.”

“We are proud that several of our placements have been successful in securing employment. We have also been able to offer some placements paid, temporary employment which has added to their work experience.”

“Seeing individuals develop and move forward in their lives in very satisfying and I would encourage other teams within the Council and in partner organisations to take advantage of the Salford Futures programme."

"Salford Futures is a win-win programme, it gives the candidate much needed work experience and the chance to learn new skills for their CV and the employer the opportunity to see the candidates abilities in action. We have hosted four Salford Futures candidates in Regulatory Services, two of whom have secured fixed term contracts. The candidates are enthusiastic, motivated and work hard. It's most rewarding to see them grow in confidence. All they need is that lucky break. Go on give someone a chance you know you want to."

"A key challenge to the our service was to not only to restructure the grave digging team but also to revitalise and refresh the team in view of previous issues. This was successfully delivered both through the Salford Futures programme and the internal apprenticeship programme, resulting in two new members being recruited and now being established as part of the team."

"I have been very fortunate as a Supervisor to have met some wonderful volunteers who have either successfully gained reemployment within the Council, or have flourished with confidence to go on and further their own aspirations. They have shown commitment and have had energy to help others, getting involved with something they feel passionate about and meet new people.”

“Volunteering can bring other benefits, one being a great boost for your career. The right match can help you find friends, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career. Volunteering can also help protect your mental and physical wellbeing.”

“It's a two way street and I feel that the success of Salford Futures has contributed to the reputation and credibility Salford City Council promote. It also helps recruitment and staff retention, improving staff morale and work performance, decreasing levels of sickness."

"As a service I've hosted several placements and all have left with experience and an understanding of dealing with customers in a diverse face to face capacity, giving them a grounding of working in any area of customer service."

Mark Wainwright (Employer) and Dylan Robinson (Apprentice) talk about Dylan's traineeship at Salford City Council. 

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