Rachel’s supported internship

When Rachel came to the Salford University and Council supported internship programme in 2019 she suffered with extreme anxiety. One of the biggest initial challenges was getting her to enter unfamiliar rooms and buildings. The overall opinion of Rachel was that she had a lot of potential but just needed the proper support and environment to help her achieve it.

Rachel wanted her first placement to be at the museum café on campus at the university. There were days where she couldn’t bring herself to walk up the steps so a job coach needed to talk her through it, but once she had gotten in the anxiety started to subside. Here she learnt skills such as cleaning, time keeping, working as part of a team and on her own. By the time Rachel’s placement had finished her confidence had grown and she had become fully independent in the role.

Rachel’s internship year unfortunately ended prematurely due to COVID-19.

Welcome back

Rachel was one of the interns to come back for a second year, she was looking forward to gaining more work experience and building on her skills and confidence.

It was a difficult time with the uncertainty of COVID and Rachel’s first planned placement had to be cancelled as a result. We quickly began to search for another placement and she took on the role of a COVID cleaner role at Salford University. This role was created to help minimise the risk and spread of COVID by regularly cleaning all touch points across the campus. Rachel excelled in this role, her confidence grew each day and she had brilliant feedback from co-workers and job coaches.

As we were preparing to welcome the interns back after the Christmas break the country went into another lockdown. This disrupted the routines and progress for all of our interns but Rachel remained upbeat and focused. She attended all our video group sessions adding valuable input to each.

When we returned to the University, more placements had to be postponed. Rachel was due to start a placement in administration with the student support team but this had to be changed as the whole office were now working from home.

“Rachel has been a model intern, there have been many challenges and disruptions in a very difficult time but Rachel has dealt with them brilliantly. She was hardworking and always polite and respectful. She has achieved amazing things on this programme and her confidence has grown enormously.”
Ross Turrell Employment Officer Pure Innovations

Broughton House

Broughton House is an assisted living facility for veterans and they had expressed an interest in working with us for a while. However, with the restrictions imposed on them because of COVID, we had to wait for the right time. Karen Goodale was vital in setting this up and after a lot of teams meetings and emails, we had created a potential paid role for Rachel after an initial working interview.

The challenges now were to travel train and job coach Rachel to give her the best possible chance of securing paid work. With the support of a job coach, we managed to come up with ways for Rachel to learn the role like using laminated lists for certain tasks and colour coding’s so she could remember what cloths to use. With the help of the team, Rachel quickly settled in to her role at Broughton House and began to impress with her work ethic and thoroughness. Despite all the challenges and setbacks she had experienced over the two years Rachel stayed on task and ended up securing paid work here.

“Rachel has joined our housekeeping team at Broughton House. We try to approach her work based on her ability to contribute and she seems to enjoy having the sense of purpose and opportunity to earn her own money. Giving her a structured approach to her day has enable her to fit in well despite her learning disability. It’s a pleasure to have her on the team.”
Karen Goodale Well Being Manger Broughton House

Stories like Rachel’s wouldn’t be possible without Pure’s amazing partners, both in education and business. We’d like to thank all involved in the Salford University and Council Supported Internship programme, especially:

  • Eccles Sixth Form College
  • Salford University
  • Salford City Council
  • Broughton House
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