Best One In Eccles

Application to vary a premises licence for:

Best One In Eccles, 192-194 Church Street, Eccles, Salford, M30 0LZ. End of representation period is 27 May 2021.

Premises details

Information required Responses
Premises licence number 036601
Name of business requiring premises licence? Best One In Eccles
Address 192-194 Church Street, Eccles, Salford, M30 0LZ
Telephone number at premises (if any) 07498181264
Non-domestic rateable value of premises  

Applicant details

Information required Responses
Daytime contact telephone number 07498181264
Email address (optional)
Current postal address if different from premises address



Information required Responses
Do you want the proposed variation to have effect as soon as possible?         Yes
Do you want the proposed variation to have effect in relation to the introduction of the late night levy? (Please see guidance note 1)     No
Please describe briefly the nature of the proposed variation
  • To open the shop 8am to 11pm Monday to Sunday
  • To serve from a serving window 11pm to 2am Monday to Sunday
  • To be able to carry out deliveries to customers addresses 24 hours a day Monday to Sunday

Supply of alcohol

Day Opening time Closing time
Monday 12am 11.59pm
Tuesday 12am 11.59pm
Wednesday 12am 11.59pm
Thursday  12am 11.59pm
Friday 12am 11.59pm
Saturday 12am 11.59pm
Sunday 12am 11.59pm

Hours premises are open to the public

Day Opening time Closing time
Monday 8am 2am
Tuesday 8am 2am
Wednesday 8am 2am
Thursday  8am 2am
Friday 8am 2am
Saturday 8am 2am
Sunday 8am 2am

Additional queries 

Information required Responses
Will the supply of alcohol be for consumption on the premises, off the premises or both? Off the premises
General - all four licensing objectives

I take my responsibility of licensing very seriously and I will be taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that the four licensing objectives are adhered to. I will ensure that I comply with all the pre-existing mandatory conditions plus I will ensure that:

  • All sales of alcohol arising from a telephone/App order for delivery must be paid for by debit or credit card. Details of the order (including the type, amount of alcohol, name, and address of the customer) must be included with the order. The details shall be shown on the printout receipt dispatched with the order. All delivery drivers and riders must allow any Police Constable or Local Authority Officer to inspect any alcohol or order details on request
  • Staff will ensure deliveries are made only to someone with identification
  • The premises will be open 8am to 11pm and between 11pm to 2am through a serving hatch, delivery will be available between 11pm and 8am, however if requested can take place at any time. After 11pm the premises will not open to the public and will be used for the dispatch of alcohol and other goods only either through the serving hatch up to 2am or for delivery. Members of the public will not be allowed on the premises between the hours of 11pm and 8am
  • The premises licence holder already has a closed-circuit television system (CCTV) at the premises. The CCTV system installed shall be maintained in effective working order and shall be in operation during licensing hours. All recordings made by the CCTV system shall be retained and stored in a suitable and secure manner for a minimum of 31 days. The licence holder can access the CCTV on his mobile phone enabling him to check the premises wherever he is
  • A cash machine installed outside of the premises has 24-hour CCTV
  • A record of refusals shall be maintained which documents every instance that a sale or supply of alcohol is refused, indicating the date and time the refusal was made, a description of the person (s) and the member of staff making the refusal
  • The record of refusals shall be available for inspection by authorised officers of the licensing authority, officers of the trading standards service and officers of the police
  • Alcohol deliveries shall only to be made to business and/or private residences and not to any public/open spaces
  • Every supply of alcohol under the premises licence must be made or authorised by a person who holds a personal licence
  • Staff are trained in age restricted sales, this training is recorded and is available for inspection by an officer of the local authority or the Police
The prevention of crime and disorder
  • In order to meet the objective of the prevention of crime and disorder any incidents of a criminal nature that may occur on the premises will be reported to the police
  • An incident log shall be maintained and made available to the Police or relevant authorised officer on request
  • We have comprehensive CCTV coverage at the premises which is situated inside and outside and is operated and maintained at the premises. These images will be made available to the police or any relevant authority on request
  • No one can enter the premises after 11pm as the front main door will be locked preventing customers entering the premises, they will be served through a secure glass window, all other windows are covered by shutters at night
  • For deliveries the drivers will load the delivery from back of the shop where we have secure entry to shop with secure parking
  • We shall place all the spirits behind the till to make sure they are secure and not directly accessible to customers
  • Our telephone app has been designed and launched through Shopify and they have their own compliance check for all age verification products. During the purchase of any age restricted products through our app and website the customer would be notified that they would need to show valid ID at the time of delivery
Public safety
  • No members of the public will be allowed on the premises between the hours of 11pm and 8am
  • CCTV is installed inside and outside of the premises
The prevention of public nuisance
  • Signs will be displayed showing the opening hours of the premises and the times the premises are open via the serving window
  • There is a litter bin just outside the premises
  • Delivery drivers will not congregate
The protection of children from harm
  • A Challenge 25 policy is already in place whereby any person who is attempting to purchase alcohol and who appears to be under the age of 25 will be required to produce acceptable identification to prove that they are at least 18 years of age, if there is any element of doubt the CCTV is fitted with a microphone facility so if I am not at the shop the staff can still ask for clarification.
  • All instances where persons have been refused the sale of alcohol will be recorded in a refusals log
  • Staff at the premises with responsibility for supplying alcohol, including deliveries will receive training on their legal responsibilities in relation to the supply of alcohol and operational policies including acceptable ID, the Challenge 25 policy and the refusals log policy
  • Signage explaining the Challenge 25 policy will be displayed on the premises in view of customers
  • Deliveries will only be given to person over the age of 18 with appropriate identification


Information required Responses
I have made or enclosed payment of the fee Yes 
I have sent copies of this application and the plan to responsible authorities and others where applicable. Yes
I understand that I must now advertise my application. Yes
I have enclosed the premises licence or relevant part of it or explanation. Yes
I understand that if I do not comply with the above requirements my application will be rejected. Yes
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