Blackfriars Mcr Limited

Application for a premises licence for:

Blackfriars Mcr Limited, 41 Blackfriars Road, Salford, M3 7DB. End of representation date is 7 June 2021.

About the applicant

Information required Responses
Is the premises to be licenced in Salford? Yes
Does the premises already exist, or is it currently under construction The premises already exists
Name of business requiring premises licence? Blackfriars Mcr Limited

41 Blackfriars Road, Salford, M3 7DB

Telephone number at premises (if any)  

Rateable value

Information required Responses
Rateable value Non-domestic rateable value is £0 to £4,300 - application fee is £100
Is the premises exclusively or primarily used for the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises? Yes


Information required Responses
Do you expect more than 5,000 people to attend the premises at any one time? No

Applicant details

Information required Responses
Please tell us in which capacity you are applying for a premises licence As a limited company
As you are applying as an individual or a person other than an individual, please confirm if you are Carrying on or proposing to carry on a business which involves the use of the premises for licensable activities
Applicant name Blackfriars Mcr Limited
Address Unit 2, Block C, 14 Hulme Street, Salford, M5 4ZG
Registered number (where applicable) 13206166
Telephone number 0161 838 7888
Email address
Would you like us to correspond with you at an alternative address Yes
Alternative address Kuit Steinart Levy LLP, 3 St Mary's Parsonage, Manchester, M3 2RD

Details of activities

Information required Responses
When do you want the premises licence to start? 8 June 2021
Please give a general description of the premises (for example, the type of premises and its general situation and layout)


Do you intend to provide 'plays' as a licensable activity? No
Do you intend to provide 'films' as a licensable activity? No
Do you intend to provide an 'indoor sporting event' as a licensable activity? No
Do you intend to provide a 'boxing or wrestling' as a licensable activity? No
Do you intend to provide 'live music' as a licensable activity? No
Do you intend to provide 'recorded music' as a licensable activity? No
Do you intend to provide a 'dance performance' as a licensable activity No

Opening times

Day Opening time Closing time
Monday 12pm 12.30am
Tuesday 12pm 12.30am
Wednesday 12pm 12.30am
Thursday  12pm 12.30am
Friday 12pm 12.30am
Saturday 12pm 12.30am
Sunday 12pm 12.30am

Additional queries 

Information required Responses
Please tell us about any seasonal variations for your opening time. For example, you intend to open any additional days during the summer months.  
Please tell us about any non-standard opening timings. For example, you would like to open on Christmas Eve or bank holidays. On days preceding Bank Holidays: until 1.30am from the start time on New Year's Eve to the terminal
hour for New Year's Day.
Do you intend to supply alcohol? Yes


Day Start time Finish time
Monday 12pm 12am
Tuesday 12pm 12am
Wednesday 12pm 12am
Thursday 12pm 12am
Friday 12pm 12am
Saturday 12pm 12am
Sunday 12pm 12am

Late night refreshment

Day Start time Finish time
Monday 11pm 12am
Tuesday 11pm 12am
Wednesday 11pm 12am
Thursday 11pm 12am
Friday 11pm 12am
Saturday 11pm 12am
Sunday 11pm 12am

Additional queries

Information required Responses
Please tell us about any non-standard opening timings. For example, you would like to open on Christmas Eve or bank holidays.  
Will the supply of alcohol be for consumption on or off the premises or both Both
DPS confirmation I confirm that the person named below has given their consent and will be the desginated premises supervisor in relation to this application
Name of designated premises supervisor Rami Khodr
Date of birth of designated premises supervisor 16 May 1985
Address of designated premises supervisor Apartment 21, Fusion 7, 6 Middlewood Street, Salford, M5 4LH
Personal licence number of the designated premises supervisor (if a personal licence is held) LAPERS/17/54958
Issuing licensing authority (if a personal licence is held) London Borough of Barnet
Please give details of any adult entertainment, services or activities that may give concern in
respect of children. (eg gaming machines or films for restricted age groups)
Do you intend to provide late night refreshment? Yes
The prevention of crime and disorder
  1. A CCTV system shall be maintained and operated at the premises with cameras positioned both internally and externally.
  2. Recorded CCTV images will be maintained and stored for a period of twenty-eight days and shall be produced to the Police or Licensing Authority upon request.
  3. CCTV will be in operation at any time a person is in the premises. Where CCTV is recorded onto a hard drive system, any DVDs subsequently produced will be in a format so it can be played back on a standard PC or DVD player.
  4. Any person left in charge of the premises must be trained in the use of any such CCTV equipment, and be able to produce CCTV images to an officer from a responsible authority upon request.
  5. SIA registered door staff shall be employed at the premises in accordance with a risk assessment to be carried out by the DPS. When employed, door staff will wear high visibility armbands.
  6. When employed, a register of those door staff employed shall be maintained at the premises and shall include:
    1. the number of door staff on duty
    2. the identity of each member of door staff
    3. the times the door staff are on duty.
  7. Open containers of alcohol shall not be removed from the premises, save for consumption in any delineated external area.
  8. Staff will be trained in the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 with regard to the Licensing Objectives, and the laws relating to under age sales and the sale of alcohol to intoxicated persons, and that training shall be documented and repeated at six monthly intervals.
  9. A refusals book will be maintained at the premises, and made available to an officer of a responsible authority upon request.
Public safety
  1. A first aid box will be available at the premises at all times.
  2. Regular safety checks shall be carried out by staff.
  3. Management shall liaise with the Fire Authority as necessary to ensure compliance with all necessary fire regulations.
  4. The premises shall maintain an Incident Log and public liability insurance.
The prevention of public nuisance
  1. Noise from amplified music or voices shall not be such as to cause a noise nuisance to occupants of nearby premises.
  2. No noise shall emanate from the premises nor vibration be transmitted through the structure of the premises which gives rise to a nuisance.
  3. The exterior of the building shall be cleared of litter at regular intervals.
  4. Notices will be positioned at the exits to the building requesting customers to leave in a quiet manner.
  5. Doors and windows at the premises are to remain closed after 11pm, save for access and egress.
  6. A Dispersal and Smoking Policy will be implemented and adhered to.
  7. The emptying of bins into skips, and refuse collections will not take place between 11pm and 7am.
  8. The external area shall cease to be used for drinking/dining no later than 11am daily.
The protection of children from harm
  1. A Challenge 25 Policy shall be implemented in full and appropriate identification sought from any person who appears to be under the age of 25. The only acceptable forms of ID are photographic driving licences, passports, HM forces warrant cards, EU/EEA national ID card or similar document or a form of identification with the "PASS" hologram.
  2. Staff training will include the Challenge 25 Policy and its operation. In particular, staff shall be trained to take such action as is necessary to prevent the sale of alcohol to persons over the age of 18 where those customers are engaged in the distribution of alcohol to persons under the age of 18. The training must be given to a new member of staff before they commence employment and all staff must receive refresher training every six months.
  3. Notices advising what forms of ID are acceptable must be displayed.
  4. Notices must be displayed in prominent positions indicating that the Challenge 25 policy is in force.
Contact name (where not previously given) and postal address for correspondence associated with this application

Kuit Steinart Levy LLP, 3 St Mary's Parsonage, Manchester, M3 2RD

Please confirm that you will attach the required documentation

I confirm that I will upload a plan of the premises on the next page

Please confirm that you will upload a map showing the location of the premises

I confirm that I will upload a map showing the location of the premises on the next page

Please confirm that you will advertise your application

I confirm that I will advertise my application in the local newspaper, and that notice should appear at least once within ten working days of my application being submitted

Please confirm that you understand the above requirements

I understand that if I do not comply with the above requirements my application will be rejected


Information required Responses
Declaration confirmation I confirm that I have read and understand the implications of the above declaration 
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