Car boot sales

Persons operating car boot sales in Salford require a licence from Salford City Council.

Private operators are not allowed to hold events, and licences are only issued when events are for charitable purposes. An application form and guidance information are available below.

Guidance notes licences to hold rival markets/fairs/car boot sales

These notes are important please read them carefully:

  1. The market rights owned by the council cover the whole of the Salford area and are by way of markets held at Eccles and Swinton.
  2. A market is a concourse of buyers and sellers and, without prejudice may include antique and collection fairs, flea markets, craft fairs, car boot sales and table top sales which may be operated by way of this licence, and the acceptance of the conditions herewith attached. Only events where the proceeds are being donated to a charity as described in 3 below will be considered for the granting of a licence.
  3. A charity is either an organisation registered under the Charities Act 1960, with a local branch of its headquarters in the area and in such cases the registered number must be disclosed; or such other organisation based in Salford which devote the whole of the monies raised to the welfare of a community in Salford and agreed by the council as coming within such definitions.
  4. The number of stalls, pitches, car spaces, tables or any other retail sales unit (hereinafter called a stall) from which goods are displayed or sold must not exceed 50 in total.
  5. The number of markets held at any one venue during a year (January to December) must not exceed 12 in total.
  6. The number of markets/events organised by any one charity must not exceed 12 in any one year.
  7. Premises and/or sites must comply with Town and Country Planning Act 1971, as amended from time to time, for use for retail sales.
  8. All markets and car boot sales, held on a Sunday, must comply with the Sunday Trading Act 1994.
  9. The applicant will only allow the stalls at the market/fair to be held by private traders (ie no professional traders) and will not allow any other person or firm to sell from or be in charge of a stall at the market/fair.
  10. The applicant will not cause or permit to be displayed at the market/fair or in connection therewith any unlawful, improper or immoral placard or advertisement or one in the form of which the council has objected in writing. Applicants holding a car boot sale shall advertise the event as follows: car boot sale at (address) on (date) (charge) all proceeds to (name of charity/organisation fund). No professional traders allowed.
  11. The applicant holding a car boot sale must keep a register of the name, address, vehicle number and type of vehicle of all sellers attending the car boot sale and, if requested make such information available to officers of the council, the police and any other enforcement agencies.
  12. The applicant must take all reasonable steps to ensure, to the best of their ability, that stolen goods and counterfeit items are not being displayed and sold at their market/fair/car boot sale.
  13. The applicant is required to ensure that, for reasons of health and safety, electrical goods are not displayed or sold at their market/fair/car boot sale.
  14. The applicant will be responsible for ensuring that all holders of stalls at the market/fair conduct themselves in an orderly manner.
  15. The applicant will allow the council’s Corporate Properties Manager or his agent to visit the market/fair on the day(s) held whilst trading is carried out.
  16. The applicant will indemnify the council against all costs, claims, actions and demands of liability of any kind arising out of the grant of this licence due to the licensees failure to comply with the terms of this licence.
  17. The granting of a licence is at the complete discretion of the council and will only be granted on payment of a licence fee of £15.00 per day if the proceeds are to go to charity.

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