Concession responsibilities for both parties

The council's responsibilities

Requesting information, including the following areas:

  • Health and safety references, policies and procedures
  • Financial accounts
  • Copies of insurances on an annual basis
  • Risk assessments, method statements
  • Any other information required to assist with the management of the contract

Managing the concession including:

  • Maintain records for all sites that will include figures to assist in measuring the total concession value
  • Arrange licences for all new advertising sites through the property management team at the council
  • Review the list of companies periodically to assess the market to determine when the concession will be readvertised to ensure the council achieves the maximum revenue achievable through the concession
  • Provide the company with updates on the effectiveness of the concession agreement and give prior notice when the decision is made to re advertise the concession
  • Arrange for the pre-application process to be completed to establish the viability of individual adverting proposals
  • The council will review the performance of the company, notify them of any areas of concern and discuss details of any proposed enhancements to the sites

The advertising company is responsible for

  • Abiding by all the conditions laid down in the site licenses and advertising consents, each license will be specific to an individual location
  • The company will not assign the license to a third party without the express written permission of the council
  • The company will pay the rental invoices for the sites within thirty days of receipt
  • The company will be responsible for all costs associated with the development of the advertising sites including section 50 license cost, planning fees, build costs, business rates and energy charges
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