Management of the billboard concession

Salford City Council and the other named Local Authorities party to this arrangement are keen to encourage outdoor contractors to work with them where opportunities exist to develop innovative advertising displays around their boroughs or city's.

The new procurement model will involve the creation of an open system, reflecting the principles of a flexible procurement process, inviting interest from all outdoor developers who would be interested in developing out of home advertising within Salford and the other named Local Authorities party to this agreement.

The flexible procurement opportunity will be sub-divided into two distinct lots:

  • Lot 1: This will cover large formats advertising, digital displays, wraps/banners, six sheet and special displays.
  • Lot 2: This will include small format advertising, roundabouts, boundary sites, static bridge displays and lamp column advertising. 

Applicants must be developers of sites rather than agents. The role of agent is currently undertaken by the council's strategic partner, Urban Vision Partnership Ltd.

All applicants are required to complete a qualification questionnaire providing the council with information about their business and outline each company's specific areas of expertise. The questionnaires will be evaluated and successful companies will be registered on the flexible procurement agreement operators list for the development of billboards and other new advertising initiatives in Salford, and other named local authorities.

The establishment of the flexible procurement agreement operators list should result in the process being shorter and more cost effective than a full procurement exercise.

Once the flexible procurement agreement operators list is operational the council will be able to work individually with advertising companies where appropriate to develop new sites in Salford and other named local authorities.

Under this arrangement the approved companies can approach the council with advertising proposals on council land and the council will determine whether these sites can be progressed, subject to agreed heads of terms, or whether a mini competition will be required. In this case of a mini competition only companies registered on the approved list for the specific format within the flexible procurement agreement operators list will be approached.

Where the council has identified opportunities for new outdoor displays or other initiatives the companies registered under the relevant format will be approached and offered the opportunity to bid for the works.

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