Residential bike hangars

Salford City Council and Transport for Greater Manchester are piloting a new scheme to introduce secure bike hangars on streets where residents have little or no internal space to store bikes.

Cycle City Ambition Grant (CCAG) funding has been secured to install a number of these on streets in Salford for a test period of approximately 12 months. If successful, more hangars will be installed across Greater Manchester. 

What is a bike hangar?

A bike hangar is a lockable and secure unit that can hold up to 6 bicycles, providing shelter from the weather and security from theft. It is the height, width and length of a small car and takes up about the same amount of space on the street as a car parking space. 

Will my bike be secure?

The hangars will have 2 levels of security. Residents will be able to lock their bicycle frame inside the hangar using their own D-lock, and the hangar will have a lockable door which can only be accessed using a key allocated to residents who have been designated a space in the hangar. 

Where will the bike hangars be located?

We have identified a number of neighbourhoods across Salford where we feel the project may be successful, including areas of dense terraced housing with little or no storage space for bikes, as well as areas with high (or potentially high) levels of cycling.

In addition to these areas, we would like feedback from Salford residents who may be interested in using a bike hangar and have a suggestion for a new hangar location. We will make every effort to install the hangars in locations as close to residents’ homes as possible. If you know of any neighbours who would also be interested, please ask them to fill in the survey. The more interest we have in a particular street/area, the more likely it is to be successful in securing a hangar. 

How much will it cost?

There will be a key deposit of approximately £25, refundable when leaving the scheme. In addition to this, there will be an annual membership fee per space. The amount has yet to be determined, but is likely to be between £20 and £60, depending on the feedback we receive and the expected maintenance costs. 

How can I register?

If you would like to register your interest in the scheme, provide ideas for locations or even have concerns or objections to the scheme, please let us know by filling in our short survey.

Bike hangar survey

Please note that at this stage, we are just gauging interest in the scheme and you won’t be committed to anything – you can still change your mind!

If you have any questions about the proposed scheme or the survey, please email or call 0161 779 4861.

This page was last updated on 22 May 2017

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