Street names and addresses

The address of a property is an important issue - police, emergency services, and the general public need a way of locating and referencing properties. Your local council is the street naming and numbering authority for your area.

Salford City Council, as the statutory highway authority for the city, is responsible for the naming of streets and the numbering of properties throughout the city.

Requests for postal addressing must be made in the early stages of any new build since utility companies are reluctant to install a service where an official postal address has not been allocated.

Can you name your house without contacting the council?

Provided your home already has a number, then the property owner can add a name to it without contacting the council. Councils have no powers over house names, the only guidance being that the owners should not choose one similar or the same to any other in the immediate locality.

The new name can be added to an existing postal address, but the postal number cannot be deleted from that address. The property name in this case will not officially form part of the property address; therefore the property number must still be displayed and referred to in any correspondence.

What happens when a street needs renaming / renumbering?

On rare occasions it becomes necessary to rename or renumber a street. This is usually only done as a last resort when:

  1. There is confusion over a street's name and/or numbering
  2. New properties are built in a street and there is a need for other properties to be renumbered to accommodate the new properties
  3. The number of named-only properties in a street is deemed to be causing confusion for visitors and the delivery of emergency services

Report a problem with a street name sign

The council is also responsible for making sure that street name plates are provided and are fitted in suitable positions.

Report a problem with a street nameplate

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