How to apply for new street names

Where new roads are constructed developers will be required to propose a suitable name(s) for adoption by the Highway Authority (Salford City Council).

Street naming criteria

Street naming is subject to a strict criteria which has been adopted by all local authorities in the Greater Manchester area:

  1. Names cannot be duplicated within the Greater Manchester area.
  2. Names for consideration need to be sufficiently unique so as to avoid confusion or misunderstandings, and for this reason we are unable to consider alternative suffixes for common names.
    • Example: Ash Drive instead of Ash Street because Ash Drive is not considered sufficiently distinctive from Ash Street and would therefore need to be rejected.
  3. Names of living persons are not normally permissible.
  4. Where possible names should reflect the history of the site or acknowledge the geography of the area. Names that construe marketing are not acceptable.
  5. Names should not be capable of being twisted into obscene meanings.

As part of the service of postal addressing the city council liaises with the Royal Mail, organising relevant postcodes and confirming the full and correct postal address to an applicant.

All new postal addressing is posted on this website and we also ensure that all relevant and statutory authorities and organisations are notified of new address designations.

Requests for new postal addresses

Requests should be made to the Traffic Management and Control Section at Salford City Council. A scaled drawing of the site should be submitted, and if new roads are to be constructed, suitable names following the criteria outlined above should be proposed.

If the development is to be addressed from an existing highway it would be helpful if the plan indicated the existing postal numbering in the vicinity of the new property address. If it is not immediately obvious from the plan where the development is located, applicants will be required to submit a location plan.

There is a charge levied for this service. Where new roads are being constructed, the developers are also required to supply and fit street nameplates at their own expense.

How to report a problem with a street name sign

Report a problem with a street nameplate

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