Postal address changes and new addresses

Salford City Council, as the highway authority for the city, is responsible for the issuing of new postal addresses and postal address changes.

Why do postal addresses change?

Changes in postal address may be the result of a road being bisected by development or the issue of a traffic regulation order - effectively creating two separate lengths of highway. To assist the emergency services in locating a property quickly, the two isolated lengths of highway will be renamed.

This prompts amended postal addressing for properties served by the affected highway. Where a road is renamed, new street nameplates are installed. Properties that have been split into flats will require amended postal addressing.

Who changes postcodes?

Salford City Council is not responsible for postcode changes; these are implemented by the Royal Mail. Salford has seen major redevelopment in recent years which has led the Royal Mail to re-code some areas as there were insufficient postcodes available to serve the new properties. Changes in postal addressing are minimised wherever possible since all parties recognise that any change can cause inconvenience to those affected.

How to request an address change or register a new address

Requests for changes in postal addressing should be made to  

A scaled drawing and detailed explanation as to why the renaming is considered necessary should be submitted. There is a charge for this service - request an address change.

National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG)

The council has signed an agreement which alters the mechanism by which new addresses are now created using the National Land and Property Gazetteer.

Updates are automatically sent to interested parties who will be notified by a central hub of the NLPG and, as a result, with effect from October 2007, postal address change information is no longer published on this website.

Street names and addresses

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