M60 Junction 13 highway improvement works

Improvement works to the two roundabouts at junction 13 of the M60 will take place in the new year. Work is now confirmed to start on Monday 13 January 2020 and be completed on Tuesday 30 June 2020.

Junction 13 is one of the most congested junctions in the city and the improvement works should help to improve capacity by up to 10% on the local highway network, reducing congestion and delays for people utilising the local highway network. The works will also address the ongoing drainage issues at the Worsley Court House roundabout and involve resurfacing works which were due to take place as part of routine ongoing maintenance.

To minimise disruption to motorists and the local community the works are primarily scheduled to take place at night, meaning your journey will be unaffected by these works if you are using the two junctions between the hours of 6am and 7.30pm. The main works comprise:

  • Resurfacing of the two roundabouts and Worsley Brow (due to take place as part of routine ongoing maintenance)
  • Resolution of the drainage problems at the Worsley Court House roundabout
  • Additional lane capacity on the approaches to the roundabouts
  • Keep clear markings and additional lanes and lining on the roundabouts to encourage lane discipline
  • Improved signage and lane markings to assist drivers to move into the correct lanes on the approaches to the roundabouts
  • Improvements to the pedestrian and cycling environment by widening the northern footway to create a shared-use footway

As well as relieving existing congestion issues, the scheme will also help accommodate access for visitors to RHS Garden Bridgewater when it opens in 2020.

We appreciate that there may be some disruption to journey times whilst the works are taking place and apologise for any inconvenience the works may cause.

If you do have any queries or complaints regarding the works these should be directed to Greg Brett, at Eric Wright Civil Engineering Ltd on 07815 007928 or gregb@ericwright.co.uk.

Regular updates on this work will be shared on the current roadworks and closures page.

Frequently asked questions

Why are the works being undertaken?

Junction 13 is one of the most congested junctions in the city. Whilst these works are not going to resolve the capacity issues on the M60 (which is the subject of ongoing work by the Department for Transport and Highways England), this scheme aims to alleviate congestion in the short-to-medium term for people looking to access the local highway network (non-motorway traffic).

On average the scheme should result in a 10% journey time saving for all vehicles utilising this junction, but local traffic should see a bigger journey time saving.  

Major maintenance works to resurface the two roundabouts and rectify the ongoing drainage issues at the Worsley Courthouse roundabout would have needed to take place anyway within the next six to twelve months and by combining the works, disruption should be minimised for commuters.

Will drainage be sorted as part of the scheme?

Yes. CCTV surveys of the drains have been undertaken to understand the issues and the drains will be suction pumped to clear them of silt and debris. In addition the kerblines of the roundabouts will be re-constructed and realigned. This is to ensure there is adequate space for trucks to manoeuvre around the roundabouts without causing damage and compression of the kerbs and drains.

Why are traffic lights not being installed on the roundabouts?

The city council used a traffic simulation model to explore a number of options. This included putting traffic lights or partial traffic lights (during peak hours) on the two roundabouts before opting for the proposed scheme. The traffic lights and partial traffic light scenarios produced the most congestion and longest waiting times of all options modelled and were rejected on this basis.

Why are keep clear markings being used on the roundabouts rather than yellow box junctions?

Under current highway regulations, yellow box junctions are only permitted to be installed at roundabouts where the roundabout has traffic signals.

Why is a right turn arrow from Worsley Brow to the M60 southbound not being provided on the Worsley Court House roundabout?

Current highways design standards do not recommend right turn arrows on roundabouts due to the potential to misinterpret the road markings. Vehicles looking to turn right from Worsley Brow onto the M60 southbound at this location should by default move into the right-hand lane and this will be reinforced by advance directional signs.

Why not put two lanes on the slip road at the Worsley Courthouse roundabout?

This option was discussed with Highways England before being rejected on safety grounds due to it not meeting current motorway design guidance.

What are the working hours for the scheme?

Traffic management cones will be placed on the roundabouts from 7.30pm onwards, with construction works starting from 8pm. Traffic management cones will be removed from 5.30am to ensure there are no traffic management restrictions in place from 6am.

This will be monitored to ensure that the 7.30pm start time for putting out traffic cones is not causing unnecessary disruption. Should this be the case, start times will be varied to a later time to minimise disruption.

What traffic management restrictions will be in place and how will this impact on my journey?

The majority of the works will be undertaken via night-time working so your journey will be unaffected by these works if you are using the two junctions between the hours of 6am and 7.30pm when there will be no traffic management restrictions.

Daytime working will be permitted for certain aspects of the construction programme which don’t require lane closures, for instance, some footpath works can be undertaken during daytime hours without impacting traffic flow.

How will the opening of RHS Garden Bridgewater affect my journey?

Visitor information from other RHS Gardens shows that most people visit between 11am to 3pm, and the busiest times are weekends and during school holidays. So, if you travel to work during peak commuting hours, your journey won’t be affected by RHS Garden Bridgewater.  

Please note these improvement works are for the roundabouts at the motorway junction not for the M60 itself. Proposals to relieve pressure on the M60 between junctions 8 and 18 are being investigated by the Department for Transport through the Manchester North West Quadrant (MNWQ) study.


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This page was last updated on 10 January 2020

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