Whether for leisure or travel, walking provides a sustainable method of transport helping to combat current environmental issues such as climate change.

The benefits of walking to an individual's physical and mental health are significant and include:

  • An improvement in energy levels, stamina and concentration
  • A reduction in the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes
  • An increase in weight control and muscle tone
  • Improved management of depression and anxiety
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better sleep

If more people walked short journeys instead of taking the car there would be a reduction in air pollution, congestion and noise.

Organised walks in Salford

Guided walks give the many benefits that walking provides in a safe and social setting.

Walks are held throughout the year, some of which have special interests such as industrial or natural history. For details on upcoming walks visit our what's on in Salford listing.

Health walks

Salford Community Leisure's Health Walk Scheme encourages and supports physical activity by holding short organised walks. Health walks are led by trained volunteers and are ideal if you would like to increase your activity or are unsure of where to walk.

Regular health walks take place across Salford. For information on local health walks or how to become a walk leader visit our health walks page.

Online route planner

walkit.com is a free online urban walking route planner. We've worked with walkit.com to provide the route planner which is ideal for planning traditional walks from point A to B but also for circular routes where the walk finishes back at the starting point which is very useful for leisure/health walks.

Routes are displayed on a map along with clear walking directions. The journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon saving are calculated reinforcing how environmentally friendly it is to walk.

To use the route planner or for more information visit walkit.com.

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