Salford’s Back in Business

Local shops are the lifeblood of our city and it’s great to see more and more opening up.

From hairdressers, butchers, cafes to clothes shops, more and more are reopening their doors and welcoming customers back.

It’s never been more important to support Salford businesses which have been through a very tough time lately.

Five reasons to shop local

  • Being green and safe. You can reduce the need to take public transport or drive.
  • Butchers, bakers and greengrocers often use local farms and food can be healthier, tastier and have less packaging to recycle.
  • Independent shops often stock locally made items by designers, artists and craftspeople which aren’t available anywhere else
  • Research shows that every £1 you spend in a small or medium sized business 63 stays in the local economy – so you know your money is going directly into your community.
  • Local businesses have your safety in mind with coronavirus protection measures.

Salford City Council has worked with businesses from the start of the pandemic to help them safely follow government guidance and will continue to do so.

Please give them your support and share your favourite local business on social media with the hashtag #backinbusiness

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