Attending school

Schools across Salford follow government guidance to keep everyone safe.

Primary and secondary schools in Salford remain open for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. Remote learning has been put in place for all other children. We also need families whose children are attending school to play their part and follow the rules and guidelines that schools are putting in place. This involves:

  • not sending your child into school if they are unwell in any way
  • not sending your child into school if anyone they live with has tested positive for coronavirus in the last ten days or is showing symptoms of coronavirus
  • following changes such as one-way systems or using different entrances as advised by the school
  • wearing face coverings in crowded places when dropping or picking up or if you need to access the school building
  • encouraging your child to regularly wash their hands throughout the day

If someone in your household is unwell with coronavirus symptoms, please book a test with the NHS or call 119. There are limited testing slots and we are advising people who have coronavirus symptoms to keep trying on the website until they get a booking.

People who do not have symptoms should NOT book a test as they will be taking a test booking away from someone who is unwell and really needs it.

If you or your child has been in contact with a positive case, you should not book a test unless you are symptomatic. This is because you will still need to isolate for ten days even if the test is negative.

If you have any concerns about your child you can speak directly to their school, or check the school’s website for more details on what measures they are putting in place.

If your child has difficulty attending school due to emotional factors, there is help available

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