Mental health and wellbeing resources

Infectious disease outbreaks, like the current coronavirus, can be scary and can affect our mental health. While it is important to stay informed, there’s also many things we can do to support and manage our wellbeing during such times. In addition to your organisation’s mental health and wellbeing offer there are a range of evidence based training and guidance available. The following resources are freely accessible available for anyone to use.

Mental health support directory

Visit our directory of mental health and wellbeing resources.

Kooth – the online counselling and emotional wellbeing platform for children and young people

All children and young people in Salford can now access free online counselling and emotional well-being support. It is available to any young person who may be struggling with their mental health, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Kooth is for young people aged 11-18 and offers a variety of resources, including:

  • A live chat function that allows young people to contact a qualified counsellor
  • Chat forums with other young people
  • Crisis information
  • Self-help resources

Kooth provides information and support along with treatment for children and young people with a range of mental health problems. Scheduled and drop in counselling sessions are available 365 days a year and include slots at evenings and weekends.

Sign up to use Kooth.

Shout – 24/7 text messaging service to support those in crisis

This easy to use free text messaging helpline is a private, silent and trusted way, for people experiencing mental health challenges to find a safe space to seek help and support. You can send a text message any time of day or night wherever you are – every conversation is with a human being.

Text GMSalford to 85258 to start a conversation with a crisis volunteer.

To find out more visit the mental health section on the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership website

SilverCloud – maintain a healthy mind during this challenging time

SilverCloud offers online programmes for adults (16 years+) to help ease your levels of stress, sleep better or to build resilience.

You can choose to use any of the programmes. They are self-help, confidential and secure.

To find out more visit the SilverCloud section on the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership website.

Other mental health and wellbeing resources

There are also coronavirus mental health and wellbeing resources and digital mental health and wellbeing resources available.

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