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How to be a Good Neighbour in Salford

With many older and more vulnerable people in our community self-isolating due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, lots of people have been stepping forward wanting to help, demonstrating the Spirit of Salford. We’ve put together some tips for the best ways you can offer your support.

You can donate money

Donate money to Salford4Good – Salford4Good is a charitable initiative that supports local good causes. Money donated will be redistributed to support community projects that are helping with the relief effort. Find out more about Salford4Good and how to donate.

You can donate goods

If you have excess items such as tinned foods, toiletries, toilet rolls and so on, you can donate to your local foodbank.

The central collection point for Salford Foodbank is at:

  • Mocha Parade, Christ Central, Mocha Parade, Lower Broughton, Salford, M7 1QE.

Donations can usually be made from 9am to 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but please call in advance on 0161 637 4500.

Find out more about other foodbanks and food clubs via the Salford Food Share Network.

You can donate your time

Be a good neighbour:

  • Connect and reach out to your immediate neighbours
  • Swap phone numbers – a conversation may be a lifeline and will help people feel less lonely
  • If there is a neighbourhood social media page you could help them connect with this
  • Encourage others on your street to help
  • Help your neighbour put together a contact list of useful numbers. For example, their personal emergency contacts, local advice lines and so on
  • Practical support such as picking up prescriptions, helping them with online shopping, walking their dog

General rules:

  • Don’t enter people’s houses – stay on the doorstep and keep two metres apart!
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Respect everyone’s privacy, helping vulnerable people requires mutual trust. For example, don’t share any private information
  • Follow infection control advice and social distancing – with coronavirus (COVID-19) the situation is fast evolving so follow the latest advice from trusted sources such as the NHS coronavirus page 
  • If you feel unwell with symptoms of coronavirus you should self-isolate. Guidance on this is available on the NHS website. 
  • Carry a mobile phone and let someone know where you are going

Emergency Response Volunteering

If you would like to be part of Salford’s Emergency Response Volunteering initiative, complete the registration form on their website

Emergency Response Volunteers support residents and communities affected by an emergency and it is a diverse and varied role. In relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) response, tasks may be as follows:

  • Staffing a phone line; taking calls from local residents, finding out what help they need and recording this
  • Organising help and support for local residents
  • Signposting residents to local services that can help
  • Distributing and delivering goods such as food and toiletries
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