Support and advice for clinically extremely vulnerable people

If you are categorised as ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’, you need to continue to be cautious and follow advice to help to keep yourself safe.

You should be cautious and:

  • Limit the number of close contacts
  • Meet people who are vaccinated
  • Have the booster as soon as you are offered
  • Meet outside if possible
  • If meeting indoors, use ventilated areas
  • Continue to wash your hands regularly
  • Ask visitors to complete a lateral flow test prior to visit
  • Go out freely to exercise
  • Go to your local pharmacy if you need to
  • Use online shopping if you can
  • If you have returned to work, ensure a risk assessment with employer is completed in line with the Health and Safety Executive
  • If unable to make the work place safe and working from home is not an option then access to Furlough is in place until 30 September 2021 if appropriate
  • Access NHS Volunteers 

If you need further help, our Spirit of Salford Helpline offers support and advice on lots of different issues.

If you live with someone who is classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, you don’t need to isolate. To help keep them safe you should closely follow the national guidance and advice.

This page was last updated on 15 July 2021

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