COVID-19: Get tested

Live with it safely

Coronavirus cases continue to be very high in Salford and we are urging everyone to remain cautious and continue to follow advice, have both doses of the vaccine and get tested.

There are two types of test:

If you feel unwell in any way or have COVID-19 symptoms, you need to get a PCR test.

If you have no symptoms and you feel well, you can do twice weekly rapid tests (also known as lateral flow tests) to check you don’t have the virus. This is because one in three people with COVID-19 have no symptoms and may be spreading the virus without knowing even if they have had the vaccine or a previous COVID-19 infection.

Salford residents are not being asked to take part in surge testing at the present time. We will update this page if the situation changes.

This page was last updated on 19 July 2021

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