Helping older people stay well this winter

A coalition of public service organisations, charities and older people’s groups has launched a new information campaign to help older people keep well this winter.

Ask me graphic with quotes from people to ask how they are

One hundred and forty thousand copies of a booklet, entitled ‘Keeping Well This Winter’ are going out to people who are not online and many are being followed up with phone calls or visits.

The booklet will be taken to older people through community hubs, charities and community groups, housing providers, libraries, social workers and NHS workers, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service, doorstep COVID-19 testing and will be available in supermarkets.

As part of it older people have suggested ‘ice breaker’ questions which key workers and volunteers can use to politely check how they are. The resources can be found at the GMCA Keeping Well This Winter web page

Information in the booklet covers how to stay safe from COVID-19, details of how to get a flu vaccination, strength and balance exercises to do at home, how to stay mentally well and eat healthily, fire safety, how to apply for pension credit and how to avoid scams.

If you’re working with older people who need extra help check out our Spirit of Salford helpline or click the links above for more information.

The campaign has been coordinated by Greater Manchester Combined Authority, working with Greater Manchester’s councils, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, the University of Manchester, housing providers, local charities and older people’s groups.

This page was last updated on 3 December 2020

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