Roe Green/Beesley Green conservation area appraisal

The council is preparing a conservation area appraisal for the Roe Green/Beesley Green conservation area. 

What is a conservation area appraisal? 

A conservation area appraisal identifies what is important about the character and appearance of a conservation area and identifies its special interest. A conservation area appraisal can:

  • ​identify buildings and features that make a positive contribution to the conservation area
  • inform decisions on planning applications within and around the conservation area
  • amend the boundary of the conservation area 

What has happened so far

Between 12 February and 29 March 2016 the council undertook an initial public consultation on the draft conservation area appraisal. A very good response was received with almost 400 representations submitted. 

We considered and evaluated all representations received and made some further minor changes to the draft conservation area appraisal (see below).  A summary of all representations received and how they were addressed is set out in the consultation statement below, which accompanied the draft conservation area appraisal that went out for re-consultation (also below).

A second consultation was held between February 9 and 23 March 2018 for this updated appraisal and again a good response was received. 

What is happening now

We are now beginning the process of compiling, considering and evaluating all of the representations that we have received from this second consultation.  These will then be used to inform the final version of the conservation area appraisal which the council intends to adopt.


This page was last updated on 29 March 2018