Planning advice

These pages provide information on all aspects of the development management process.

The pre-application phase of development management is part of a positive and proactive planning process. Engagement prior to any planning application being formally submitted can be critically important and should provide the applicant and the local planning authority with the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the objectives of and constraints on development. It also provides an opportunity for wider engagement, where appropriate, with other stakeholders, including the local community, which can deliver better outcomes for all parties.

Pre-application engagement can:

  • identify opportunities for scheme improvements at a stage when a proposal can still be modified, resulting in higher quality developments
  • significantly increase the likelihood of gaining planning permission
  • allow more opportunity to coordinate investment
  • help to communicate the vision and objectives for the area
  • develop a shared understanding of constraints, opportunities and context
  • agree information requirements and identify schemes which are unlikely to be supported
  • establish timescales and explain administrative processes
  • reduce delays through early engagement of key parties

The  council provides a comprehensive pre-application advice service, the details of which are contained in the guidance below. In order to provide a high quality and efficient service, which includes amongst other things consultation with key stakeholders, a service fee is required. For householder development, you are advised to use the interactive guidance available on the Planning Portal's website and look at the adopted Supplementary Planning Document: House Extensions.

Anybody wishing to apply for planning permission is strongly advised to use this service for the reasons set out above. Applications that have been submitted in the absence of any pre-application discussions are likely to be refused without further negotiation where significant amendments are required to make the development acceptable.

All requests for pre-application advice must be made on the application form provided below. Please note that you must provide the minimum level of information set out in the form to ensure that appropriate and timely advice can be given.