Application for prior approval for householder extensions

The government have introduced new legislation (statutory instrument 2013 number 1101 which came into force on 30 May 2013).

This legislation relates to single storey rear extensions (between three to six metres for a terraced/semi detached houses and four to eight metres for detached houses). It requires that applicants submit a basic level of information with their prior approval application to inform the prior approval process.

The council has created this simple form/checklist to assist applicants in that process.

Applicants should be aware that, provided no objections are received from adjoining owner/occupiers, the local planning authority will issue a 'prior approval not required' notice. This means that you would have until 30 May 2019 to complete the scheme, as submitted.

However, should prior approval not be required, or if it is given by the local planning authority, you must comply with other limitations or conditions contained in the 1995 Town and Country (General Permitted Development) Order, as amended.

The obtaining of prior approval does not mean your proposal will benefit from being 'permitted development'. You are strongly advised to check compliance with the all the relevant permitted development 'rules'. Failure to do so may result in your proposal being unlawful and be subject to enforcement proceedings.

There are different forms for different types of development. It is important that you choose the correct form and fully complete all the sections that are relevant to you. Application forms are available online via the Planning Portal, but please check with us if you are not sure which form to use.

We have also developed a guidance document that explains how to complete the form, helps with interpretation of some of the requirements and which also acts as checklist.

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