Planning and Transportation Panel

The panel itself is made up of elected members (councillors) and those applications that require a decision by the panel will be subject to a full report that is published one week in advance of the meeting itself.

The regulatory panel welcomes hearing the views of interested parties during its consideration of planning applications. In this way, the panel can be more assured that it is aware of all considerations when it comes to make its decision. Full details on how the panel operates, who can speak at the panel, and how those who attend panel can offer comments and feedback on the process are contained in the 'listening to you' leaflet, available to download below.

Site inspections

Occasionally an application may be deferred for a site inspection. This provides the panel members with the opportunity to view the site and its surroundings and to enable a fuller appreciation of the likely impact of a development proposal to be made. The date for a site visit does vary but this will normally be communicated at the day of the meeting. The panel undertaking the inspection will not make a decision about the acceptability of an application whilst visiting the site itself. The application will be given further consideration at the next ordinary meeting of the regulatory panel.

In respect of site inspections, it should be noted that:

  • the applicant/agent and any persons making written representations about the application are invited to attend
  • ward councillors will be invited to attend any site inspections within their ward
  • whilst the comments of interested parties will be heard, it is not the purpose of the inspection for the panel to debate the merits of applications, where appropriate this would occur at the following meeting when the relevant planning application will be placed on the agenda

Attending a panel meeting

Please note that this attendance form is for people who have an interest in a current planning application which is due to be considered by the Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel.

All meetings are held at the Civic Centre. Please arrive a minimum of ten minutes before the scheduled start time so that your attendance can be recorded. Please nominate speakers where a number of people have made representations to ensure you make all the points without being repetitive. The full panel agenda is available.

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Attend a panel meeting

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