Infrastructure planning

Infrastructure planning is a key element of creating sustainable communities, ensuring that appropriate provision is made for transport, communication and utilities networks and important community resources such as schools, GPs and leisure facilities.

Infrastructure planning is undertaken at a number of geographic levels, by a range of public and private organisations and through a variety of strategies and initiatives. Links to a number of key documents are provided below.

National infrastructure planning

The National Infrastructure Plan sets out the challenges facing UK infrastructure and the Government’s strategy for meeting the infrastructure needs of the UK economy.

Decisions on nationally significant infrastructure projects are made by the government, informed by the recommendations of a special unit of the Planning Inspectorate. In support of this process, a series of national policy statements have been published outlining government policy on the provision of key infrastructure.

Greater Manchester infrastructure planning

The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities works to deliver the infrastructure required to support the growth of the conurbation. The Greater Manchester Growth and Reform Plan identifies a range of key transport and infrastructure requirements.

The Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan provides guidance in respect of the sub-region’s future plans for transport provision.

Salford infrastructure planning

Salford’s infrastructure delivery plan provides a comprehensive overview of infrastructure issues faced by the city, including current provision, deficits, planned investment, and additional requirements.

Transport in Salford 2025, which can be downloaded below, provides a transport vision for the city to 2025. It describes how Salford fits within the Greater Manchester transport context, summarises the huge amount of work underway, and identifies projects being developed for delivery in the near future.

The Central Salford Integrated Transport Strategy provides a vision for transport provision within the city’s inner area, it can be downloaded below.

Infrastructure requirements are a key consideration within the planning application process. In some cases it is appropriate for contributions to be secured by way of a planning obligation in order to mitigate the impacts that new development can have on key infrastructure.

Downloadable documents

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