Infrastructure delivery plan

An important part of creating sustainable communities is ensuring that the necessary supporting infrastructure is provided, for example, transport, open space, schools, utilities and health and leisure services.

Salford City Council has produced an infrastructure delivery plan which provides details of the current provision of infrastructure in Salford, identifies any deficits, sets out planned investment proposals, and identifies additional future infrastructure requirements. The infrastructure delivery plan will help direct growth to the most appropriate locations, and ensure that the different economic, social and environmental infrastructure needs of the city's residents and businesses are met. The infrastructure delivery plan also forms an important part of the evidence base to inform the preparation of the local plan.

The infrastructure delivery plan has been split into a series of separate downloadable sections on individual types of infrastructure. Each section identifies:

  • the baseline/current provision in Salford
  • any relevant standards that indicate the quantity/quality of the necessary infrastructure
  • any relevant investment programmes, identifying who will fund these and when they are likely to be delivered
  • where relevant, how demand for that infrastructure is likely to change in the future taking into account the planned scale of development
  • the process for providing that infrastructure

Collectively, the chapters of the infrastructure delivery plan include a very significant amount of information. The council has therefore also produced an infrastructure delivery plan summary document which provides an overview of the position with regard to each type of infrastructure. This can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Wherever possible the council has involved key infrastructure providers in the preparation of the infrastructure delivery plan. The council would welcome any comments on the infrastructure delivery plan and these should be posted or emailed to the address at the bottom of the page.

The infrastructure delivery plan is based on the best available information at the time of publication. However the need for infrastructure and the ways of delivering it are constantly being reviewed by infrastructure providers and the city council. Details of infrastructure deficits, standards, and investment programmes are therefore likely to change over time and each section of the infrastructure delivery plan will be updated accordingly as required.

On 21 November 2012 the council formally withdrew its core strategy. As such, any references to the core strategy in the infrastructure delivery plan are no longer relevant. Work has commenced on preparing a local plan, and the council will engage with infrastructure providers throughout this process to identify the infrastructure required to support any new scale and distribution of development proposed.

The list below shows the infrastructure categories that the infrastructure delivery plan covers. You can download the different sections for that topic below.

Downloadable documents


Public services

Social, cultural and leisure


Utility services

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