Irwell City Park planning guidance

Irwell River Park is being led by a cross boundary collaboration involving Salford City Council, Manchester City Council and Trafford Council who are working in partnership to transform one of the north west's most unique waterways.

Planning guidance has been prepared to support the delivery of Irwell River Park. The vision is to see the restoration of the river to create a new and exciting urban park, focusing on its spectacular industrial and architectural achievements, attracting new waterfront development and activities and linking neighbourhoods and communities within the heart of the regional centre.

The guidance was prepared jointly by the authorities of Salford, Manchester and Trafford to set out the guidelines which the councils as local planning authorities will use as a material consideration in determining applications for planning permission and other matters in the area. In addition, it establishes a set of principles to ensure the provision of a continuous riverside cycle/walkway and the high quality design of new public open spaces and other infrastructure.

The planning guidance was formally adopted by the three authorities of Salford, Manchester and Trafford in March 2008.

If you would like to purchase a printed copy of the planning guidance please contact us using the link below. A charge will be made to reflect the cost of printing the document, together with postage and packing.

Please note, the project was initially known as Irwell City Park, but was subsequently rebranded as Irwell River Park. The references within the planning guidance to Irwell City Park therefore refer to what is now known as Irwell River Park.

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