Review of planning obligations SPD

The city council consulted on its intention to undertake a review of the adopted planning obligations supplementary planning document (SPD) between 9 March 2018 and 6 April 2018. As part of this consultees were asked for comments that would assist in the review of the SPD.

A consultation statement can be downloaded below which sets out who was consulted, a summary of the main issues raised by those persons, and how the issues have been addressed.

Taking the above into account, the city council produced a draft SPD which can be downloaded below (figure 1 of the draft SPD is also available to download separately). The production of the draft SPD was informed by a strategic assessment of residential viability that was undertaken to inform the policy approach in Salford’s revised draft local plan. The draft SPD reflects new/revised national planning policy and guidance, including an expectation that all viability assessments will be made public. In addition, the draft SPD contains policies on the artificial splitting of sites and reduced planning obligations, and revised the affordable housing requirements, including separate new policies on build to rent developments and the application of the vacant building credit.

Alongside the draft SPD the city council produced a draft determination statement on the need for sustainability appraisal (SA) and strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the SPD. The statement determined that SA and SEA was not required, and it can be downloaded below.

The city council invited comments from stakeholders and consultees on the draft SPD between 25 January 2019 and 22 March 2019. The comments received during the consultation period are currently being considered and it is likely that the city council will adopt a new planning obligations SPD in autumn 2019. In advance of the adoption of the new SPD, the existing approach to planning obligations as set out within the adopted planning obligations SPD will continue to be applied.

This page was last updated on 3 May 2019

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