Places for Everyone – Implications of the plan for Salford

Places for Everyone focuses on directing development towards brownfield sites in the urban areas. In Salford the vast majority of new offices will be located in City Centre Salford and at least 85% of new housing will be on brownfield land.

However, there is not enough land in the urban area to meet housing and employment needs, which means there is an exceptional case for limited release of Green Belt land. In Salford, there are four sites currently in the Green Belt that are proposed to be allocated for development:

  • Hazelhurst Farm: 400 homes
  • Land East of Boothstown: 300 homes
  • North of Irlam Station: 800 homes
  • Port Salford Extension: 320,000 sqm of employment floorspace, primarily for logistics and port related activity, with potential for advanced manufacturing. It will use road, rail and water (tri-modal) to move freight

Topic Papers have been produced for each of the allocations, outlining the key issues and the associated evidence base. These are available to download below.

Importantly Places for Everyone also identifies additional land that should be designated as Green Belt. Overall, once the additional new Green Belt is taken into account, there would be an overall increase of 54 hectares (133 acres) of Green Belt across Salford as a result of proposals in the plan.

Further information on the implications of Places for Everyone for Salford are set out in the Council and Cabinet report that was approved by councillors on 21 July 2021.

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