Saved UDP policies

The 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act requires the council to replace the UDP with new development plan documents which form part of the council's local development framework.

The Act automatically saved the UDP Policies for a period of three years from adoption (i.e. until 21 June 2009). The city council received the consent of the Secretary of State to save many of the UDP policies beyond 21 June 2009. These policies will gradually be replaced as development plan documents are adopted.

The city council's application to the Secretary of State outlining why particular policies should or should not be saved is available to download below. Also available to download is the direction from the Secretary of State stating which policies have been saved.

The city council has produced a document that contains the full wording of those policies that have been saved by the Secretary of State, and this is also available to download below.

Saved unitary development plan policies

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