Strategic flood risk assessment 2011

Salford City Council was the first authority in the north west to have undertaken a strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA). This shows those parts of the city that may be at risk of flooding under a range of scenarios including the area of flood, direction of flow and depth of water. This assessment is required as part of the planning system in order to understand the risks which flooding may pose to development.

The original SFRA which was completed in 2005 concentrated on the Lower Irwell Valley. Following this, a sub regional strategic flood risk assessment for the whole of Greater Manchester was completed in 2008. This provides an overview of flood risk from all sources from the sub region, but it did identify a number of gaps in the available information.

This has now been supplemented by a Level 2/Hybrid SFRA (2010) for the area covered by Manchester City Council, Salford City Council and Trafford Council. This document looks at flood risk from all sources and for areas likely to experience significant development looks at the risks in some detail. For Salford, this includes the risk from the Irwell, the Manchester Ship Canal, the Bridgewater Canal, surface water and groundwater. The term "Level 2" refers to the more detailed information on development sites contained within the document. It is referred to as "Hybrid" because it also contains broader "Level 1" information. Much of the information on sources of flooding other than rivers was missing from previous SFRA documents.

In producing this document, the three local authorities worked very closely with the Environment Agency. A joint statement on the implications of the SFRA has been prepared by the three authorities and the Environment Agency and is available to download at the foot of this page. This provides useful context and should be read in conjunction with the SFRA.

The Level 2 / Hybrid SFRA document for Manchester, Salford and Trafford is the main SFRA for Salford and should be referred to when conducting flood risk assessments in accordance with the national planning policy framework. The user guide and the Level 1 and Level 2 reports are available to download through the links at the foot of this page. The key flooding maps are available from our river flooding map page and surface water flooding map page. Further maps are available on the other flooding maps page.

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