Virtual School for Looked after children

The Virtual School Team in Salford

The purpose of the Virtual School is to improve educational, and other, outcomes for looked after children. We promote high aspirations, raising the profile of looked after children and driving effective strategies for engaging young people in their education.

What do the Virtual School Team do?

The Virtual School Team:

  1. Track, monitor and record attendance, attainment and exclusions of all children who are looked after by Salford – as if they were in a single school
  2. Identify specific support that is needed, as early as possible, and work with individual schools and other agencies to implement this support
  3. Provide advice, information and guidance to schools, social workers, residential homes and carers
  4. Support, monitor and evaluate Personal Education Plans
  5. Provide training and development for school staff and other professionals around working effectively with the children we support
  6. Advocate on behalf of young people ensuring their views are listened to and understood.

How do they do this?

As a team we:

  1. Collect, collate and analyse the attainment and progress data of looked after children and young people
  2. Work closely with colleagues within the local authority and external agencies as part of an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to support looked after children in all aspects of their lives
  3. Attend key meetings for children and young people
  4. Provide additional support at transition points for children, young people and carers
  5. Provide network meetings for designated teachers in order to share experience and good practice
  6. Facilitate, coordinate and organise alternative and complementary provision
  7. Monitor Pupil Premium Plus (PPP) funding.

Meet the Virtual School Team! 

How can you contact the Virtual School Team?

You can email any of the Virtual School Team Officers using the email addresses above or you can contact Dawn Jemmett on 0161 779 7924 for more information or to speak to one of the team.

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