Safer schools

The Salford Safer Schools Award scheme aims to offer a quality benchmark in security and risk management within schools.

It will prove a school's commitment to the safety of its pupils, staff, visitors and the wider community. Working in partnership with the community, possession of the award will indicate that the school is taking effective steps to tackle safety and security issues, making the school a safer and happier place to be.

The scheme gives schools within Salford the chance to work with specialist teams to improve safety and security in three main areas:

  • Ensuring the physical building and school environment is secure
  • Personal safety
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour in and out of school

Key benefits of the scheme:

  • Schools are safer and more secure places for children, staff and visitors.
  • The opportunity to work with specialist teams and organisations on security issues and gain from their vast knowledge and expertise.
  • Parents can feel confident that their child/children are safe.
  • The local community is safer and improved through tackling issues such as anti-social behaviour.  

How does the award work?

The award can be gained by working through three specified units, choosing a minimum of four activities to complete from each unit and submitting a portfolio of evidence to the school security co-ordinator for assessment.

For example, upon completion of the bronze award, the school can then work towards the silver award and so on, until gold status is achieved and the school can be accredited with the Safer Schools Award.

How does my school enter?

You will receive an activity pack which will instruct you how to make your school safer and will include:

  • Criteria of the scheme
  • Activities for schools to complete
  • Contact details for local agencies/additional resources

How can I find out more?

For further information:

Report an incident in a school

Report an incident in a school form

This page was last updated on 8 June 2016

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