Understanding your school performance data course

One of the key jobs of the governing body is to hold the head teacher to account for the performance of the school.

To carry out that role, governors need access to reliable attainment and assessment data, know how to interpret it and know the right questions to ask. RAISEonline is a vital source of information for school governors and this course also serves as an introduction to the data available to governors and how they can use it.

Governors are legally entitled to access the RAISEonline data for their particular school. Your school's RAISEonline administrator can set you up with a governor account so you can access your school's data, in case you wish to familarise yourself with it before you attend the course.

You can apply for the course in the following ways:

Confirmation of booking

You will receive a confirmation of your booking at least seven days before the course is due to take place. Please telephone us if you have not received anything within that time.

For further help, please telephone the governor services helpline on 0161 778 0265.