National leaders of governance (NLG)

The role of the NLG builds on the success of National College of Teaching and Learning's (NCTL) national leaders of education (NLE) programme where headteachers use their proven success as school leaders to provide additional leadership in struggling schools.

In some cases, national leaders of governance may be partnered with an NLE. There are currently just over 300 NLGs in the country and this is set to rise to 500 by April 2015.

Who are NLGs?

National leaders of governance are highly effective chairs of governors who will use their skills and experience to support chairs of governors in schools and academies for a variety of reasons. The chair may be new, governors may want to focus more on school improvement, or need support in dealing with significant strategic challenges - for example becoming a federation or converting to academy status.

What do NLGs do?

NLGs will provide coaching and can support their counterparts in a range of different ways - for example in using data effectively to improve school performance or by providing more effective support and challenge for their headteacher.

They can be deployed in the following ways:

  1. Improving school performance
    • Supporting the chair to focus more closely on raising standards and leading improvement
    • Helping the chair to understand and interpret school performance data
  2. Supporting the relationship between headteacher and chair
    • Helping the chair build his/her relationship with the headteacher
    • Support the chair understand the schools' performance management process and how the headteacher/principal is assessed
  3. Skills and understanding of governance
    • Helping the chair to develop his/her leadership, effectiveness and confidence
    • Mentoring a chair to provide support through a particular change process
  4. Other
    • Chair an interim executive board
    • Support the LA or dioceses to bring system-wide improvement

Salford chairs of governors selected for this national role

There is currently one Chair of Governors in Salford who is registered as an NLG and that is Stacey Corlett, Chair of Governors at Moorside Primary School.

To contact an NLG

You can use the school-to-school support directory to find national leaders of governance in your area and it will show at which school the NLG is the Chair of Governors. When you think you have identified a suitable NLG you can then make contact with them via

Are you interested in becoming an NLG?

If you are an experienced chair of governors who is interested in supporting chairs of governors in other schools, you might want to apply to be a NLG. The Department for Education have produced National leaders of governance: a guide for potential applicants if you want information on how to become a NLG.

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