City Mayor's Employment Charter

Salford City Mayor's Charter

The Charter

The Salford City Mayor's Charter for Employment Standards is designed to help raise employment standards for employees and businesses across the city.

We hope that businesses and employers across Salford will support the Charter and by working together we will promote social inclusion, drive economic growth and raise living standards in our city. The Charter is open to any private sector business, public sector organisation, voluntary or community organisation and social enterprise working in Salford.

Over 100 employers have signed up to the Charter since it was launched in November 2013

Benefits for business

  • Acknowledgement that an employer is committed to the highest employment standards and practices in the city
  • Contributing to wider economic prosperity and sustainability in the city - helping to keep consumer spend in Salford
  • Helping to demonstrate the quality of your business when seeking new business opportunities
  • Public recognition for your support for the Charter or having been recognised as a Charter Mark holder.
  • You will be entitled to use the Charter Supporter or Charter Mark recognition on your website and company literature
  • Your logo will appear on Salford City Council's web site so that prospective employees, commissioners and customers can easily see who supports the Salford City Mayor's Charter
  • Salford City Council will promote businesses which achieve the Charter Mark via social media.

How to sign up

Salford employers based or working in the city are encouraged to sign up to the charter as:

  • Charter Supporter - employers can choose which pledges they will take action on, when applying for supporter status and outline the steps they will take to deliver those actions. We will reward your commitment with a certificate you can share with your workforce.
  • Charter Mark - employers can apply for the Charter Mark for individual categories or, if they have met all the pledges, can apply for the full Charter Mark

Full accreditation demonstrates an employer's commitment to delivering the highest employment standards in Salford.

Applications are considered by an independent panel three times a year. The deadline for applications is 31 January, 31 May and 30 September 2019.

Complete the expression of interest form for the City Mayor's Employment Charter

Please contact Emma Nolan, Commissioning Manager, Skills and Work, Salford City Council if you require more details, email:

Salford City Mayor's Charter for Employment Standards

The charter contains a suite of pledges, focused on three categories:

  • Investing in the local workforce: creating training and employment opportunities for Salford people.
  • Being an equal and inclusive employer: delivering and supporting workforce equality
  • Setting the standard: adopting excellent working practices and conditions

Investing in the local workforce

Creating training and employment opportunities for Salford people, particularly those facing greatest disadvantage. 

Charter Mark employers will:

  • Employ local people - create and provide employment opportunities for Salford people
  • Develop a skilled workforce - create and provide training, work experience and apprenticeship opportunities for Salford people
  • Provide support to raise skills and aspirations in young people - work with schools and colleges to support curriculum development, the provision of careers and enterprise provision for pupils and young people

Being an equal and inclusive employer

Take an active role in respecting and supporting workforce equality and inclusion.

Charter Mark employers will:

  • Actively promote equalities in workforce and address discrimination- ensure that sound policies and practice are in place around equalities and discrimination is proactively addressed
  • Provide opportunities for Salford's diverse communities - ensure that recruitment and other HR arrangements connect residents from Salford's diverse communities to the opportunities offered
  • Reinforce good practice around equalities and diversity in your supply chain - respect the diversity of Salford communities through responsible business activity.

Setting the standard

Helping to raise employment standards for employees and businesses across the city, working with employers, trade unions and campaign groups to promote the adoption of the best possible working practices and conditions.

Charter Mark employers will:

  • Use the Living Wage Foundation Living Wage as their minimum wage - pay staff or work towards paying staff the Living Wage as set by the Living Wage Foundation.
  • Use good employment practices - create a positive working environment by valuing employee's hard work and commitment, using ethical contracts of employment, having sound policies and practices and decent working conditions for all employees.
  • Encourage a healthy workplace - have clear policies and practice in place that promote and improve and health and wellbeing and address crucial issues such as staff retention and absence management.

Salford City Council is also a partner in the Salford Social Value Alliance which is seeking to tackle inequality and poverty in Salford and improve the wellbeing and quality of life for people who live in Salford. More details about the Salford Social Value Alliance and how to pledge support for its 10% Better Campaign.

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