European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament (MEP) are elected to the European Parliament.

The European Parliament represents, in the words of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, 'the people of the States brought together in the European Community'.

The European Parliament serves for a fixed term of five years. The last European election was held on 22 May 2014.

There are currently 785 MEPs in the European Parliament from 27 European Union countries that work together on matters such as trade, environmental protection, economics and social issues.

The United Kingdom currently has 78 MEPs representing 12 European electoral regions.

The city of Salford is in the North West Region, which is represented by eight MEPs:

  • Three Labour
  • Two Conservatives
  • Two United Kingdom Independence Party
  • One Independent

All eight MEPs represent the interests of local people in the north west and of Britain as a whole in the European Union.

Find out more information aboutĀ the North West Region's eight MEPs from the European Parliament website.

Contacting your MEP

Contact details forĀ the North West Region's eight MEPs is available from the European Parliament website.

Alternatively if you require further information you can contact the UK office of the European Parliament by calling 020 7227 4300, emailing or visiting the European Parliament website.


WriteToThem is a very useful online resource available for contacting your local European MP as well as city councillors and Westminster MPs.

Election results

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