The annual registration process

In accordance with legislation, we undertake an annual process to ensure that all eligible residents in the city are registered to vote.

Being on the Register of Electors means that you will be able to vote in future elections/referenda but it also means that you will not experience issues when applying for a mortgage, bank loan, mobile phone contract or car hire purchase as credit companies use the Register to undertake checks on credit history.

As part of the annual registration process we issue Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) to every property in the city. The HEF seeks information as to those persons living in a property who are eligible to vote.

The annual registration process is as follows:


What happens


Initial HEF issued to all properties in the city


Reminder HEF sent to non-responding properties

September- October

One of our canvassers visits each non-responding property (up to two visits are made to a property)


Final reminder HEF to non-responding properties


Updated Register of Electors published

When you receive your HEF each year, you must ensure that you respond as follows:- 


What you need to do

If the HEF already includes all eligible persons in your property

No changes required but please respond to confirm that there are no changes to be made. You can return the HEF in the pre-paid envelope provided or respond online, by telephone or text (details on the HEF)

If the HEF includes details of persons no longer living at your property

Please delete the names of the people who have left your property. You can respond by returning the HEF in the pre-paid envelope provided or online (details on the HEF)

There are eligible people not included on the HEF

Add the names of the additional people. You can respond online or by returning the HEF in the pre-paid envelope provided (details on the HEF)

There are other changes to be made to the details on the form (eg nationality, opting out of the Open Register)

Make the changes  on the HEF and return it to us in the pre-paid envelope provided (details on the HEF)

Please note that the HEF is not a registration form. It seeks details of persons eligible to be registered. If there are additional eligible persons in your property who need to be registered, then we will send them an Invitation to Register Form (ITR) or, alternatively, there is a quicker and easier way for them to register online.

Register to vote online

To register to vote, you'll need your national insurance number and date of birth. Go to our register online page for more details. 

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