The annual registration process

Once a year we contact every household in the city to make sure everyone who can vote (eligible) is registered to vote.

To respond to your Household Enquiry Form please go to the household response website and enter the security codes located on the front of the form.

It’s something we must do by law. Being on the Register of Electors means that you can vote in future elections or referendums.

Credit companies also use the register as part of their checks on your credit history when you apply for a mortgage, bank loan, mobile phone contract or car hire purchase. 

That’s two very good reasons to make sure you and everyone in your household who can vote is registered.

We start by sending a form to every property in the city. The Household Enquiry Form (HEF) asks for information about everyone living in that property who is eligible to vote.

Please take a moment to check the information.

  • If the form already includes all eligible people in your property please reply to confirm there are no changes to be made.
  • If the form includes people no longer living at your property please delete the names of people who have left.
  • If there are people in your property who are eligible to vote but their names are not on the form, please add their names. The HEF form is not a registration form so they can register themselves online or we can send them an invitation to register form.
  • If you need to make other changes, such as nationality or ask for your name to be taken off the open register (ie not visible to anyone looking at the open register) please make those changes on the form.

For any of the above options you can return the form in the pre-paid envelope provided or respond online, by telephone or text (details are on the form.)



Household enquiry form sent to all properties in the city. Please help save council money by replying promptly and avoid us having to send reminders or follow up.


Reminder sent to properties which have not returned the form

September to October

One of our canvassers will visit each property which has not responded.


Final reminder sent to all properties which have not responded.


Updated Register of Electors published

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