2,000 free school meals claimed in Salford

Almost 2,000 free school meals were claimed in Salford during the half-term holiday.

In total vouchers worth just short of £20,000 were handed out across the city, with 700 vouchers collected on the first day they were available.

The meal vouchers became available after Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett made a decision on Friday 23 October that they would be available during the school holiday.

He also extended the offer to cover the Christmas period.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “The free meals in the school holidays has been a massive success. A big thank you to all those behind the scenes who made it happen.

“It is a national disgrace that this government voted against funding free school meals in the school holidays. As a result, we had to take action and I proud we did not let our young people go hungry. These young people are the future of this incredible city and we need to do all we can for them.

“It wasn’t just the council making vouchers available, many charitable groups and organisations also provided meals and grab bags and did their bit to help. It is fantastic, they have the Spirit of Salford and are a credit to this city. It makes me so proud when Salfordians come together when we need it most.

“We will now work to make sure people have the vital support they need this Christmas.”

To help finance the free school meal campaign, the Spirit of Salford Network launched a fundraiser to find resources from the community.

If residents are able to do so, they are asked to donate on Just Giving.

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Date published
Tuesday 10 November 2020

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