Avian flu confirmed at Salford Quays

Visitors to Salford Quays are being urged to keep away from birds after government officials confirmed an avian flu outbreak.

The disease is endemic in wild birds across the country and has been found in other parts of Greater Manchester in recent months.

Government advice for visitors to areas where waterfowl and wild birds gather is to keep to footpaths, keep dogs on leads, not to feed wild waterfowl and not to pick up or touch sick or dead birds or discarded bird feathers. Dead swans, geese, ducks, gulls or birds of prey can be reported to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) helpline on 03459 335577.

Councillor Barbara Bentham, lead member for environment and community safety, said: “This is very sad news but the UK is currently facing its largest ever outbreak of avian flu with hundreds of cases reported up and down the country. Avian flu is now rampant in wild birds and spreads quickly and easily. It has nothing to do with water quality or the environment and poses a low risk to humans.

“We are following government advice and putting up advice signs at the Quays and will continue to monitor the situation. Water sports activities will continue but anyone using the water is advised to keep well away from wild birds.

“Anyone who keeps birds must, by law, keep them housed and follow strict bio-security measures. There is full government advice on avian flu.”

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Date published
Friday 20 January 2023

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