Developers to deliver social value in Salford

Major developments in Salford will now have to set out how they will deliver social value benefits by boosting the city’s economy, working with communities and contributing to a greener Salford. create local jobs, boost the city’s economy and deliver social value benefits.

Salford City Council is now expecting developers seeking planning permission for developments of 10 or more houses or non-residential floorspace of 1000 square metres or more to include an action plan on social value commitments. The requirement has been written into the city’s Local Plan, which was approved earlier this year, making it the first council in England to set such an obligation in stone.

The council has produced local needs analysis guidance documents to show how new developments can build on community strengths and signpost developers to organisations and community programmes they may wish to support.

In their social value report, developers will have to show how their scheme will create jobs, training and skills development opportunites for Salford residents both during and after construction if planning permission is granted. This could also include mentoring and careers guidance for local schools to encourage children and young people to consider careers in construction.

Firms will also be asked to show how they will prioritise using Salford or Greater Manchester suppliers and materials, where possible, to keep money in the local economy, how they will manage the environmental impact of their development and contribute to a greener Salford and how they could work with communities around the site to bring positive change to their neighbourhood.

Councillor Mike McCusker, lead member for planning, transport and sustainable development, said: “Salford is experiencing unprecedented levels of development with an average of 70 major planning applications every year.

“The potential benefits from this new approach – as well as the homes, commercial units and improvements to public spaces that developments bring – are huge.”

Councillor Jack Youd, lead member for finance and support services, said: “Many developers already plan for social value, so embedding this in our Local Plan is the next logical step in enabling all new developments to show their positive contributions to local communities and the local economy.”

Salford City Council is already a key partner in Build Salford, a construction industry supported initiative to help find supportive apprenticeships for young people who might otherwise struggle to break into the sector. It has also made social value considerations a key part of tendering most contracts for goods and services in a bid to maximise benefits for the city.

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Date published
Thursday 25 May 2023

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