New cladding design to begin for Pendleton

Pendleton Together Operating Limited (PTOL) and Salford City Council have jointly announced an agreement which will signal the start of the detailed development on the design of a replacement cladding system and other works to nine high rise blocks in Pendleton.

The agreement includes the terms of the £25 million loan agreed by the council earlier in the year. The loan will provide the cash flow needed for Pendleton Together Operating Limited (PTOL) to put together a programme of fire safety works, bring in contractors and begin the works next year.

The council has also announced, as part of this programme, that it is committed to the installation of a sprinkler system to make the blocks as safe as possible.

The next steps in 2018 include a design period, including testing of the permanent replacement cladding for the blocks.

The design stage will explore the best sprinkler system to suit the blocks so that they can be installed while other works are taking place.

Deputy City Mayor Councillor John Merry said: “The safety of residents has always been our priority since the tragic fire at Grenfell. In the complete absence of any national guidance on cladding solutions, we have continued detailed discussions on the best way forward with our PFI contractor, Pendleton Together Operating Limited. Our agreement states our strong partnership commitment and so that the design of the detailed programme of works can take place.

“There will be opportunities for residents to find out more about the new cladding system once it has gone through its final tests and Pendleton Together will consult with residents around sprinklers and share information about other fire safety works.

“I would like to wish all the residents of the nine blocks a safe, peaceful and Merry Christmas and thank them for their patience. We’d like to also reassure them that all the precautionary measures, such as fire safety patrols, remain in place over the holiday period.

“The agreement provides a solid framework for the council to provide a loan to Pendleton Together Operating Limited, for work to progress."

Date published
Thursday 21 December 2017

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