Online help for parents

New mums and dads and those expecting can tap into a range of online help.

Salford City Council is offering two free courses for before and after the birth as well as regular weekly sessions to meet other parents.

The antenatal course called ‘understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby' has been developed by midwives and gives practical information as well as how to start building a relationship with the baby before it is even born.

The postnatal course called ‘getting to know your baby’ looks at babies’ physical and emotional development and how important play is as well as how to understand and respond to crying and developing healthy sleep patterns.

The free online weekly sessions for parents or carers with babies aged from birth to 12 months are a baby social session on Mondays, introducing solid foods on Tuesdays, and baby play on Thursdays.

Deputy City Mayor Councillor John Merry said the courses were designed to support new families who may be feeling isolated.

“Social groups are a major source of support when you become a new parent and we wanted to make sure families are not missing out on those useful tips, places to ask questions and great advice,” he said.

Find out more and register or call the early help admin team on 0161 686 7235.

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Date published
Wednesday 2 December 2020

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