Swim shock at Salford Quays

Video footage has appeared of two men apparently drying off following an after-dark swim in freezing Salford Quays.

The footage, shot by a member of the public around 7pm last night (Sunday 11 December) when temperatures had dropped below freezing shows two young men in swimming trunks with towels on a pontoon close to the Water Sports Centre. One appears to be drying his hair.

Councillor Barbara Bentham, lead member for environment and community safety said the video had sent shock waves through the council.

“If these two young men are experienced cold water swimmers then going into the Quays in the dark by themselves on a freezing December night is utterly reckless. If they are not trained to swim in cold water then they are lucky to be alive,” she said.

“We’re constantly warning people of the dangers of cold-water shock and reminding them that open water is cold even on the hottest days of the year. I cannot begin to imagine how cold the water must have been last night and I hope this was just a one-off moment of madness.

“Cold water shock can affect even the strongest swimmers which is why people should only ever swim in the Quays as part of an organised and supervised session for their safety. Given the current freezing conditions people should take even more care near any open water.”

Salford City Council has stepped up CCTV camera ‘patrols’ covering the Quays and says it will report any dangerous activity picked up to the police.

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Date published
Tuesday 13 December 2022

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