Statement from Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett about the invasion of Ukraine

Dear resident,

Following the shocking news overnight of the invasion of Ukraine, we have found ourselves in the midst of an international crisis. I want local people to know that we strongly condemn the hostile actions and we join others in urging President Putin to end the invasion now and commit to finding an urgent peaceful way forward to resolving the conflict.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents and communities of the Ukraine at this time who are facing the harrowing realities of an un-provoked invasion and an uncertain future. We also send our love and solidarity to the Ukrainian diaspora and residents in the City of Salford who have friends and family in the Ukraine as well as Russian residents who may be appalled by what they have all seen unfold within the last 24 hours. We stand in unity with you at this time and offer you our sincere and heartfelt support. We want you to know you are not alone at this deeply worrying time. I would also urge residents to contact the Spirit of Salford Helpline (O800 952 1000) if the city council can be of any help and assistance to those impacted by the crisis in the Ukraine.

It remains unclear as to whether the conflict in the Ukraine will escalate further, as we all prepare ourselves for the impacts of economic sanctions. Things will not be easy.

When great world events like this unfold, it is often left for the great mass of ordinary people to stand up for what is right. As diplomacy fails, a sense of hopelessness can lead to frustration, and anger. We are clear that we are stronger together.

Keep well, and take care of each other.

Paul Dennett

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Date published
Thursday 24 February 2022

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