Work started on nine high rise blocks in Salford

Work has started to remove the aluminium composite cladding on nine high rise blocks in Pendleton, Salford.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has informed Salford City Council that the cladding has failed testing.

This follows the announcement on Friday 23 June by the City Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, that Salford City Council had decided to remove the cladding irrespective of the results.

Mayor Dennett said: "I assured local residents on Friday that their safety came first and that work would begin as quickly as possible. We had contractors out starting the work on Sunday and they have been busy removing panels from the bottom of all nine tower blocks. They have gone as high as they safely can and we are now waiting for specialist equipment to come on site to continue the work which we hope will arrive tomorrow.

"We decided not to wait around and now the test results have come back it has just confirmed that this was definitely the right call to make. 

“We have to start asking questions about why this material was ever on the UK market in the first place and why local authorities up and down the country could purchase it for cladding for buildings.”

The work began on Thorn Court on Sunday 25 June and contractors are now removing cladding from the blocks. The panels will be removed from the first floor upwards. Initially the cladding panels will be removed from each block and later replaced. Plans are now being put in place for equipment to remove panels from the upper floors.

Pendleton Together is updating residents on progress and safety measures that have been put in place.

Mayor Dennett added: "While the cladding is being removed all the additional fire safety measures put in place by Pendleton Together will remain.

“This includes the new fire evacuation procedures, extra support from local housing staff and 24/7 patrols on each block.

"We will continue to work closely with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to ensure our housing meets fire safety standards. We will also respond to any recommendations that emerge from the Grenfell Tower investigation.”

Steve Close, Chief Executive of Together Housing (parent company of Pendleton Together), said: “Since the council made the decision on Friday to remove the cladding we’ve been working very hard to reassure Pendleton residents of their safety. We held multiple meetings with our residents over the weekend and drop-in sessions will continue during this week.

“Residents are encouraged to contact us with any queries via our dedicated email address at or via social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Or residents can call us on 0300 555 5567 or visit our office on Loganberry Avenue.”

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Date published
Monday 26 June 2017
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