The Salford Way - a new vision for the city

Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett has launched a new vision for Salford’s economic future with a range of new policy strategies and key pieces of work to be delivered by the city council.

Labelled ‘The Salford Way’ this approach is seen as the starting point for the city’s COVID-19 revival and focuses on mapping out a future of economic transformation.

This range of initiatives is aimed at creating a fairer, greener and healthier Salford. It includes ambitious plans to build a more inclusive and green local economy and a fairer city where everyone can reach their full potential and live prosperous and fulfilling lives.

This vision, The Salford Way begins with the launch of a number of specific areas of work for Salford City Council. This includes; The Great Eight, a new set of key priorities for the city, the Inclusive Economy Strategy, a Tackling Poverty Strategy and Salford’s new Crowdfunding initiative.

Launched by Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett on Monday 22 March, these initiatives present a clear focus that will influence work across the city council over the coming months and years and an outline of the upcoming work of the council and its commitment to support its residents.

The launch was chaired by the council’s Chief Executive Tom Stannard. Speakers included Neil McInroy from CLES who spoke about the Community Wealth Building Movement. Councillor Sharmina August, Executive Support Member for Equalities, Communities and Social Impact and Su Johnston from CrowdfunderUK launched Salford’s Crowdfunding platform.

A question and answer session took part with Paul Dennett, City Mayor; Neil McInroy, CLES; Alison Page, Chief Executive, Salford CVS and Muna Abdel Aziz, Director of Public Health at Salford City Council.

Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett said “It’s time to look to the future and this is our vision. A plan for how we create a city that is fairer, greener and healthier for everyone. Where we can build community wealth from within and retain it in the city, close the divide, tackle poverty issues and economic disparity and support each other to create a more prosperous Salford for all.

“This is something we want everyone to get on board with from city partner institutions, to local businesses, residents and communities. We’re calling on support and buy-in from across the city to help us make this vision a reality, so that tackling inequalities and living The Salford Way, is just what we all do.”

  • The Great Eight is set of key council priorities for the city. Newly updated, they focus on tackling poverty and inequality, tackling health inequalities and providing the best possible care, affordable housing and reducing homelessness, promoting transport and digital connectivity, skills and education, creating an economy for all, tackling the climate emergency and creating vibrant places and spaces.
  • The Inclusive Economy Strategy is a new approach to promoting a fairer and more inclusive local economy that delivers greater social and environmental justice, where wealth is shared more widely across all local communities. An economy where every Salford citizen has the opportunity to participate and feel empowered to make a difference through their communities, workplaces and local democratic institutions.
  • The Tackling Poverty Strategy outlines the vision is to make Salford a fairer and more inclusive place where everyone can reach their full potential and live prosperous and fulfilling lives free from poverty and inequality.
  • The Salford Crowdfunder is a new scheme that has been set up support local initiatives. Working in partnership with Crowdfunding, Salford City Council will be helping projects to find the funding and support they need to turn their ideas into a reality. Locals will be able to bid for up to £10,000 match funding to support ideas that create a brighter future for Salford.

The City Mayor continued: “Economic transformation is not a new concept for Salford. The city has roots in the Co-operative movement, it worked to become the Northwest’s first Social Enterprise City and has a history of driving economic and social change. It became the first city in Greater Manchester to commit to the Real Living Wage, developed the 10% Better social value campaign and delivered an award-winning strategy to tackle poverty.

“With its role in post de-industrialisation regeneration, pushing forward a green agenda and becoming home to a significant digital hub, The Salford Way is the future plan for a city that has never rested on its laurels.

“As Salford looks to the future and recovery from the devastating impact of COVID-19, this approach to promoting economic and social equality is more pressing than ever. This vision of economic inclusivity, alongside plans to tackle health inequalities are vital to address the imbalance across the city as a result of the impact of the pandemic.

“Whilst this will form the basis of significant pieces of work, I want to stress that this is not just the council’s vision, The Salford Way is a vision for the whole city. We see it as a byline for strategy, progress, improvement, betterment, empowerment and engendering a sense of pride. We’ll be working hard to bring this vision to life through the work of the city council and working to create a fairer, greener, healthier Salford for all.”

A recording from the event and the published reports can be viewed on the Salford Way page.

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Date published
Tuesday 23 March 2021

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