Salford City Mayor announces new top team

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett has announced his new cabinet after being re-elected for a second term.

Paul Dennett secured 30,892 votes to be elected with 59% of the votes on Saturday 8 May at the AJ Bell Stadium.

City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “I’m overjoyed and humbled that the people of our great City of Salford have honoured myself with their votes to serve a second term. This is a significant mandate from local people and I pledge to work tirelessly for you and our amazing city.

“At this election, I stood on my track record of delivering on the priorities from my first election in 2016. I now want to announce a new top team to put our priorities into action during my second team. The people of Salford have helped to shape this reshuffle as they have told us that climate change, low carbon and the green agenda is import to them as well as an inclusive economy, anti-poverty, social care, mental health and equality for all.

“I’d like to thank Councillors Boshell and Reynolds for their tireless and excellent work for the people of Salford during my first term as City Mayor. It is very much appreciated. They both asked to retire from the Cabinet from this term so I have picked what I consider to be the best team possible for the city, which builds on people’s commitment and hard work, whilst also trying to blend experience with newness and people’s skills, experiences and competencies.

“I would also like to welcome the 12 new councillors (four councillors joining the City Council from ethnic minority backgrounds), passionate residents with a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences which is great to see. I look forward to working with you all for the residents and businesses of our great city.”

The new cabinet

  • City Mayor: Paul Dennett
  • Statutory Deputy City Mayor and Lead Member for Housing, Property and Regeneration: Councillor Tracy Kelly
  • Deputy City Mayor and Lead Member for Adult Social Care: Councillor John Merry
  • Lead Member for Children’s and Young People’s Services: Councillor Jim Cammell
  • Lead Member for Finance and Support: Councillor Bill Hinds
  • Lead Member for Environment, Neighbourhoods and Community Safety: Councillor David Lancaster
  • Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development: Councillor Mike McCusker
  • Lead Member for Inclusive Economy, Anti-Poverty and Equalities: Councillor Sharmina August

Wider Mayoral team

  • Executive Support Member for Education and Learning: Councillor John Walsh
  • Executive Support Member for Workforce and Industrial Relations: Councillor Barbara Bentham
  • Executive Support Member for Climate Change, Low Carbon and Green Agenda: Councillor Sophia Linden
  • Executive Support Member for Social Care and Mental Health: Councillor Damian Bailey
  • Executive Support Member for Transport and Planning: Councillor Roger Jones
  • Executive Support Member for Culture, Leisure and Sports: Councillor Stephen Coen
  • Executive Support Member for Skills, Work and Business: Councillor Philip Cusack
  • Executive Support Member for Procurement and Social Value: Councillor Jack Youd

City Mayor Paul Dennett continued: “I promise to be a City Mayor who works for all of our city’s residents – whether you voted for me or not. I will continue to the work to make every corner of our city a better, fairer, and safer place for people to live and work.

“The final year of my first term was incredibly difficult with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing impacts of government cuts. I want to send my condolences to all those who have lost relatives and loved ones during this difficult time. When the time is right, we will find a fitting tribute so they can be remembered here in Salford. There are so many people that have suffered throughout this pandemic and we need to recognise their struggles, anxieties and the challenges ahead. It has been very difficult for so many people in different ways and my thoughts are with you all.

“We are now working on plans to drive us out of the pandemic and bring back growth and opportunities for local people. We are building council houses again, putting people before profit by insourcing services and setting up a Heritage Commission to find money to restore the city’s historic buildings.

“I will continue to listen to residents and work with them to make our city a great place to live, work, visit and play. And I know that keeping the streets clean and repairing our road network is just as important as the big projects in the city. The has already started. And I can’t wait!”

The new proposed Cabinet will be discussed and go to a vote at the Council Meeting on Wednesday 19 May and will be formally reviewed again in 12 months.

On Friday 7 May the votes for the local election were counted and the results announced.

Salford City Council comprises 20 electoral wards with three councillors representing each ward.

The city council is controlled by the Labour party, the political composition of the city council is:

  • The Labour party with 52 councillors
  • The Conservative party with seven councillors
  • Liberal Democrats with one councillor

Watch the City Mayor’s post-election speech.

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Date published
Friday 14 May 2021

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